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Urban Outfitters IMC Plan

No description

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Urban Outfitters IMC Plan

Analysis of the integrated marketing communications mix strategies of
Founded in 1970, Urban Outfitters (UO) is a brand under the Urban Outfitters Inc. umbrella.
UO offers a mix of urban style products, from apparel to apartment accessories
Communication objectives:
1) Help the company achieve its sales and profit objectives
2) Increase customer retention rates by 50% - new promotional app
3) Increase brand awareness by 30%, by removing social controversies - positive PR and informative leaflets
4) Convert the offended customer segment into prospective customers, by changing their perception of the brand from advertising
5) High media impact to reach a large audience via billboard advertising

- Positive online brand conversation
- A strong social media following
- Social media promotions
- High product turnover
SWOT Analysis
- Product controversy
- High prices – customers are comparing UO to their competitors.
- No in-store brand

- Continue to build online community with new apps
- Change the negative perceptions of certain products
- Increase blogging activity
- Create in-store exclusive brand

- Key competitors are too harnessing the positive effects of social media.
- Not addressing feedback
- Efforts must be spread across all social media sites

Target Audience

UO targets men and women between the ages 18-28.

The uniquely dressed hipster

Trends in UK Market & UK Market Strategy
- The UK high street fashion market is valued at £45bn

- The return of the vinyl record market has been a positive for the company

- Student discount is offered year round to customers
Key Competitors and Brand Positioning
Media Selection and
Social Environmental

UO have created controversies among their customers by selling multiple items which have offended certain communities.
UO have been associated with
anti-gay views
Have no plans to alter their product range

Could cost them financially and destroy their customer loyalty

A strong social media following:
Twitter = over 989,000 followers
Facebook = over 2 million likes
Instagram = over 2.6 million

Analysis of Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies and Recommendations
Personal Selling
Sales Promotion
Public Relations
Direct Marketing
UO focuses on highly visible store locations, creative store design, broad merchandise selection and visual presentation

Advertising strategy known as “shock advertising” through their products
UO doesn’t feature personal selling as a sales tactic.
- Incorporate sales assistants within their stores
- Sales are not tailored for individual customers
- Does allows UO to identify future trends
Regular sales promotions:
- money-off coupons
- free delivery
- new online customers can get up to 75% off
UO has a questionable positive public image due to it being involved with several controversial products and campaigns
Frequent e-mails to subscribers. UO included user-generated content, within their emails, to build a stronger community.

- Use billboards as a form of advertising.
To improve the customer brand relationship, UO could offer their employees a customer service training period. This will increase the persuasive impact and increase the customer brand relationship.
In order to further expand their online community, but remain focused on their core market of 18-28 year olds, UO could utilise the mailing lists on offer at Students’ Unions.
UO could create a loyalty points app, which users can download onto their mobile phones.
- Scanned during a transaction
- Gain points
- Rewarded with discounts and personalised free prizes
To help manage their reputation and grow brand support, UO could sponsor a LGBT rights organisation.

- Informative leaflet placed in each customer’s shopping bag.
- Utilise speaking and sponsorship opportuniti

UO faces direct competition with many different clothing brands such as American Apparel, GAP etc.

UO differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering products that reflect their customer’s interest in contemporary art, music and fashion.
UO has a strong, well-developed communications presence. To determine the effectiveness and accountability, UO must continuously monitor and evaluate all aspects of the IMC plan.
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