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Google, competition and hegel's owl

antitrust, google, behavioral antitrust, innovation

Rosamaria Bitetti

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Google, competition and hegel's owl

Does Google bundle? Assessing dominance core product: search queries 1996: algorithm
1998: off the page criteria
2007: Universal search
2008: Personalized search
2012: Search Plus your World
2012: Knowledge graph Ancillary products Large public successses (Gmail, Maps)
Fringe products (Ngram Viewer, Refine)
Failures (Wave, Knol) EU case Market position
Credible threat consumer power overestimate
underestimate trials and error as
a barrier to entry competition is just a click away! behavioral twist information is not power stickiness of defaults contractual arrangements and limits to portability lowering quality score integration of content preferential treatment of its own content Foreclosure Foreclosure Exploitative No Antitrust Tying Hegel's Owl:
only when the dusk
starts to fall does it
spread its wings and fly Specific Abuses Remedies It's complicated! behavioral twist behavioral twist idiosyncratic preferences Refusal to supply behavioral revival of the leverage theory How to unbundle Google?
New economy Can behavioral help? Let's Google it! Rosamaria Bitetti
Luiss, Rome
rbitetti@luiss.it Nudge: opt-in SIDE-ISLE 2012
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