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How Plants Live in Different Environments

Virtual Field Trip 3rd Grade Science

Sarah Soden

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of How Plants Live in Different Environments

The Desert Rainforest Savanna Ocean Tundra Temperate Deciduous
Forest Biomes of the World A biome is a place or ecosystem where animals and plants live. Different biomes have different temperatures, precipitation (rainfall) amounts, and different plants living in them. Here is a list of biomes that we will be looking at today on this virtual field trip:

1. Temperate Deciduous Forest
2. Desert
3. Rainforest
4. Savanna
5. Ocean
6. Tundra Talking Drawings Pick one biome from the list that you know. CLUE: We live in the biome of the Temperate Deciduous Forests. Plant Biomes Pick 4 of the 6 biomes and watch the videos provided on this virtual field trip. While you watch the videos, pay close attention to the plant life. Determine the unique characteristics (the things that make each biome different) of each biome. 1. Use the Plant Biomes worksheet to do the following activity.
2. There are 4 boxes on the worksheet.
3. Label each box with one of your chosen biomes.
4. Then draw a picture of the unique plants found in that biome in the box.
Do this for all four boxes.
http://www.worldbiomes.com/biomes_forest-images.htm Click for more pictures! http://www.worldbiomes.com/biomes_desert-images.htm Click for more pics! http://www.worldbiomes.com/biomes_tundra-images.htm Click for more pics! Click for more pics! http://www.nhptv.org/natureworks/nwep8e.htm Temperate Deciduous Forest Tundra Savanna The Desert Oceanic Biome Now draw a picture in the space provided in the Talking Drawings worksheet. I want you to close your eyes and think about the biome you chose.... what does it look like, sound like, smell like.... Different Plants Live in Different Environments Look at your work sheet 1. Scroll through the prezi and look for the video and picture that matches the Biome you thought of.

2. Watch the video and look at the pictures.

3. Draw a new picture of the biome. Look at this worksheet Additional Resources:

The Frozen Tundra: A Web of Life (World of Biomes) by Phillip Johansson

The Temperate Forest: A Web of Life
by Phillip Johansson

Here is the Coral Reef
by Madeleine Dunphy

The Remarkable Rainforest: An Active-Learning Book for Kids
by Toni Albert

Life in a Desert
by Carol K. Lindeen

Here is the African Savanna
by Madeleine Dunphy
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