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2.05 U.S. History FLVS

Miranda Butterfield, Mrs. Finora's Class

Miranda Butterfield

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of 2.05 U.S. History FLVS

2.05 U.S. History
For this assignment, you will create your own interest group to address one of the social needs of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Use your knowledge and your 21st-century skills to:
choose an issue relevant to the late 1800s or early 1900s to address
prepare a one-paragraph summary of the issue
choose a name for your group
thinking as a person living during this time period, draw up a list of demands (about five or six) and discuss which are the most important and which you are willing to limit through compromise
choose meeting times and places appropriate to the people who would be involved
create a poster directed toward your primary audience and designed to build your movement
Child Labor in the late 1800's and today in the 1900's
What I demand!
Children over the age of 15 can work 8 hours if they are attending school as well.
Children will get the same pay as adults.
Children ages 5-16 will attend school for 35 weeks out of a year.
While working, children will not be faced with drugs or alcohol.
Children will get breaks, the same as adults.
Name for My Group
I think that the name "Children in Action for Education" (C.A.E.) is a strong title for my argument to get kids in schools and out of factories. If I could get children that worked in factories to help me argue during my speeches, people would soon see what a immigrant child's life is like.
Oh the Places We will Go...
Let us talk about meeting times and places:
I will have speeches at a city everyday in the north east. I will talk in front of its people and the mayor to point out my argument and create awareness about what is going on with child labor laws. I will set up a stand in every city, that will collect money to build a school for each city. Time? I will talk in font of an audience before the 1st shift starts, so I can catch them all on the way to work and so that I can show the kids that someone is looking out for them. The children will also have a chance to talk about what they feel is right.
Why I demand this...
My list of demands are important because I believe that children should not face danger, such as heavy machinery, and should not face cruel or unusual punishment for something they have not committed. They should live the life a child should live. I believe that a child's job is school and maybe chores around the house, but not working in filthy factories where a sign of death is around every corner. They should have the right to a free education where they are able to have opportunities to a better life.
Miranda Butterfield
Mrs. Finora's Class

Did you know, that if you were to walk into a factory in the city, you would see children from the age of 6 to 15 working just like adults? Children as young as six years old work hard hours for little or no pay. In factories Children are not treated well, they are overworked, and underpaid. This is because when families move over here to the U.S, they realize that times are hard and that everyone able to work to get money, has to work. This led to the high rise in child labor in factories. The treatment of children in factories is often cruel and unusual, and the children's safety is generally neglected. I fight that child labor goes against the 8th amendment. I believe that children should be at school and that it should be cost free so that the families do not have to spend more money on education.
I made this presentation thanks to:
and the lesson in FLVS.

Please do not copy and paste my work just to call it your own. It is illegal to plagiarize. So do your own work! Thanks for watching!
-Miranda Butterfield
Poster, Poster, Come look at it!
Child Labor:
8th Amendment Put to Waste

Donate Money to help build schools!
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