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No description

Sawyer Derrico

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Beowolf

Beowulf Kings Scene One Scene Two Kings Beo
half dane
HailGar Rothgar Helga This scene is opened with the discussion of shield sheafson, a great king and a founder of the ancient danes royal lines. Sheafson dies, then his new son the renowned Beow, inherited the kingdom after his father’s death. In time beow died away and Halfdane, his son, became king. After Halfdane, Hrothgar stepped forward to rule the Danes. Under Hrothgar, the kingdom prospered and enjoyed great military success. Untill..... Grendel For a time, the kingdom enjoyed peace and prosperity Grendel was a demon, who went to their kingdom. Once the men in the mead-hall fell asleep, Grendel crept inside and slaughtered thirty men. Hrothgar’s warriors were powerless against him. The following night, Grendel struck again, and he has continued to wreak havoc on the Danes for twelve years.
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