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No description

Kevin Chua

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Banking

Tech being used
Google Glasses, is a new product developed by Google. It is a wearable computer.

We feel that this can help us can benefit our company as our client's would be able to have instant access to a chosen bank account and check their balance before purchasing something, have the opportunity to make payments on the go, view loan options while walking to work, or browse the latest insurance offers while making dinner.

In a nutshell, with this new piece of technology, our customers would be provided with various banking services where they can access whenever and wherever they want
Google Glasses
Cheque Truncation, is basically an online image based cheque clearing system where cheque images and relevant data are captured at the collecting bank branch and transmited electronically.

This helps both our bank and the customers, as the cumbersome physical presentation of the cheque is eliminated, saving time and processing costs
Cheque Truncation
Smart/ Magnetic Cards
Tyra Bank(s) Corporation

Company Motto : To provide pleasurable banking with customers.

Company Vision : To be the best and most fashionable bank in Singapore and the world

Target Customers : Students, Housewives & Multinational Corporations (MNC)

Proposed Digital Technologies used by TBC
Online Banking Services
Cheque Truncation
Smart Card/magnetic stripe card
Augmented Reality/Google glass

Things We Are Using
Presentation Tool Used : Prezi

Digital Media Used : iMovie
Atm, also known as Automated Teller Machine, is a computerised telecommunciations device that allows clients to financial transactions.

Customers would be able to access their bank accounts with the insertion of a plastic ATM card, thereby able to make cash withdrawals, debit card cash advances check account balances, all without the need of a cashier, clerk , or bank teller

Not only that, Atms also provide one of the best official exchange rates and are thus ideal for foreign travellers.
Cards with data imbedded in either magnetic strips or embedded integrated circuits
( To be used along with ATMs and Transaction Authentication Numbers)

Electronic services
Electronic Services
Group Member's tasks




Form of sales via electronic messages, phone calls. Beneficial to company as it can reach out to a wider range of clients. ( Eg, easier to call a housewife through housephone)
Consists of electronic billing, funds transfer, money and remittance advice.
Electronic Billing: Bills sent over the internet and paid electronically
Electronic Funds Transfer: The transfer of $ through computer based systems
Electronic $$: $ that is exchanged electronically
Electronic Remittance Advice: Payment explaination about the provider's claim payment( Industry standard for sending ERA is HIPAA X12N 835 standard)

Use the TECH
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