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Onsite Monitoring for TAACCCT Grantees

This presentation was designed to explain the onsite monitoring process for TAACCCT grantees.

Darren Kroenke

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of Onsite Monitoring for TAACCCT Grantees

On-site Monitoring:
Process, Procedure, & Specific Findings

Presented by: Darren Kroenke
Federal Project Officer, R5 OSID

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
= $2 Billion

Notice of Award/Obligation
Solicitation for Grant Applications (SGA)
Statement of Work (SOW)
Assurances & Certifications
Special Clauses
Special Conditions
Elements of the Grant Agreement
Control F...


In the SGA...
In the SOW...
Specific quality

Specific quantity
Representations Made...
DOL-ETA Core Monitoring Guide
Core Activity 1: Design and Governance

Core Activity 2: Program and Grant Management Systems

Core Activity 3: Financial Management Systems

Core Activity 4: Service/Product Delivery System

Core Activity 5: Performance Accountability
On-site Monitoring Review
Entrance Conference
Interview Grant Staff
Review Source Documents
Interview Partners
Interview Participants
Review Participant Files
Examine Financials
Examine Equipment
Review Performance
Exit Conference
Most Frequent Monitoring Findings
Objective 4.2 Participant Files - Documentation Not Present
Objective 2.1 Administrative Controls - Equal Opportunity Notice
Objective 2.7 Procurement - Noncompetitive Procurement
Objective 4.1 Operating Systems - Veterans Priority of Service
Elements of the Monitoring Report
Compliance Findings & Concerns Summary
Scope of Review
Elements of the Core Monitoring Guide
Program Abstract
Performance Analysis
Compliance Findings
Areas of Concern
Noted Practices ... let's hope so!
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