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Disappearing Black Women & The Media

Missing White Woman syndrome and it's effect on disappearing Black Women

Fiona Weeks

on 16 September 2010

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Transcript of Disappearing Black Women & The Media

Disappearing Black Women Missing White Woman Syndrome How About Me? And Me? But we have even more in common We're WHITE. And we got MEDIA COVERAGE. The Case of the Missing Brides Latoyia Figueroa Tamika Huston Days before their weddings, both Jennifer Wilbanks and Stacy-Ann Sappleton disappeared. Both women were missing for three days. Both were young (Wilbanks 32, Sappleton 26), middle-class and planning a wedding. Jennifer Wilbanks Stacy-Ann Sappleton Whats the obsession? What does it mean? So where is the disconnect? So what about BLACK women Do you know m me? Do I look Familiar? We All have something in Common... We disappeared in the prime of our lives Natalee Holloway Laci Peterson
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