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No description

Beth Smith

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Shoshones

Men's role&work
The Shoshone men were hunters. Only men became chiefs. Men were responsible for feeding and defending there families.
Dwellings and homes
During the winter, the Shoshone lived in tepees, their permanent homes. The Shoshones lived next to the river for food,water,and escape routes.The Shoshone could always move from place to place. Their temporary shelters were caves or a lean-to with animal hides.
Tool and wepons
Most Shoshone people speak English today. More than a thousand people speak Shoshone.
Fisher men used nets,spears,
and baskets. The Shoshone used war clubs and buffalo hide for hunting.

Aishen means
thank you.
Today the Shoshones live in house and apartments in the California Inter mountain region.
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