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Martha Schwartz

No description

Cristin Judge

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Martha Schwartz

- born in 1950 and grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
-Father was an architect
- studied Fine Art at the University of Michigan; graduated 1973
- Did not know what Landscape Architecture was until after she graduated from Fine Art and had no interest in it
- Excelled in printmaking and held a passion for earth works
- had issues with scale because she wanted to work on larger dimensioned projects
- Chose to enter into Landscape design merely because she wanted to make "big art"
- Went on to study Landscape Architecture at the University of Michigan and graduated in 1977
- Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Design since 1992 where she teaches Advanced Landscape Architecture
-Married and later divorced Peter Walker who is also a Landscape Architect
- Principal of Martha Schwartz Partners (MSP) which is a practice in London, UK that designs and generates urban landscapes and public city centers

Martha Schwartz
Landscape Architect; Artist
By Cristin Judge
Martha Schwartz Partners
-established in 1990
- objective is to combine landscape design, art and urbanism to create or regenerate urban sites
- do this by design and implementation of gardens, installations, public parks, corporate and institutional landscapes, city centres and regeneration projects
- offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, England and China
- has done projects in over twenty countries around the world
- also works to create a sustainable environment with the idea of climate change, declining resources and an equal benefit for people, animals and the environment all taken into consideration
- employs people from many different backgrounds other than landscape architects such as horticulturists, project managers, architects etc.
- Have won a substantial amount of awards from all over the world

Exchange Square
Manchester, England
- The site of an IRA bombing in 1996
-building began in 1997 and finished in 1999
- occupies the centre of downtown Manchester
- regenerated to be an area of accessibility, open seating as well as visual interest
- the slope of the site is a major factor in the design and inpired the creation of many different levels also used for informal seating
- almost entirely hardscape area
- idea for site was based on the historical importance of railroad tracks
- Because this is an area in which is dim and overcast much of the year, red coloured glass was added to the design
- the panels light up from below
- a sink shaped fountain was also incorporated
-site is very modern and contemporary
- distinct emphasis of form and movement
Google Images
Google Images
Google Images
Grand Canal Square
Dublin, Ireland
- completed in 2007
- eight million dollar project
- one side faces the waterfront and is backed by a theatre and entertainment buildings
- located in a ritzy urban area surrounded by contemporary architecture
- includes large public area and a variety of paved pathways with different sizes and materials
- a red carpet leads out from the theater which is paved in a resin/glass material
-green carpet made up of geometric shaped planters of lawn and vegetation
- red "carpet" and glowing red light poles represent high traffic celebrity zone while the green path and planters represent a more relaxed natural, wetland area that is historical to the site
- very modern design that primarily focuses on space and form
Google Images
Google Images
Google Images
Google Images
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Sowwah Square
- completed in 2012
- urban space in the center of the Abu Dhabi Financial Center
- meant to provide an open and intimate space within the surrounding towers
- patterned granite site is home to tear shaped mounds representing sand dunes
- mounds made up of dramatically coloured and textured plants that are also hardy, low maintenance and tolerant of heat
- benches wrap around the mounds and have built in water feature that uses an ancient irrigation system that maximizes limited resources

- lighting under granite benches
- mounds maximize green space and reduce water consumption because of vertical angle
- from the massive towers above, the site resembles an Indian rug pattern
- cultural attributes as well as environmental conditions given primary consideration
- Schwartz incorporates her trademark pieces and ideas (fountains, benches, hardscape, geometric shapes, pop of colour etc.) while still making the site unique and suitable to its surroundings
Google Images
Google Images
Google Images
Design Contribution
- over 30 years of experience as a landscape architect and an artist
- Schwartz has won an array of awards including the 2005 Gold Medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects, 2011 Honourary Royal Designer for Industry as well as many others
- inspired by baroque gardens as well as Isamu Noguchi, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and her greatest being her ex husband Peter Walker
- creates sites that combine hardscape, colour and shape
- projects are usualy more architectural that naturalistic
- believes that art needs to influence every design, that the site is a life size piece of art
- wants to create a human connection between people and place
- she is very brave; some of her work is controversial but she "would rather have her work called radical than mediocre"
- her style is modern and contemporary ; combines architectural pieces with state of the art technology unique to each site
- she invented the green wall technology that was used into the Abu Dhabi site ; this technology has opened up possibilities for future urban sites
Google Images
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