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Mission and Vision for STEM Education at SCOE

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Sean Timmons

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Mission and Vision for STEM Education at SCOE

Sean Timmons, Goals and Objectives, STEM - The Road Ahead for STANCOE
STEM Development Indicators and Actions
Build a network of partners and leaders and increase outreach to the teachers and leaders of our region.
NGSS Indicators and Actions
STEM/EdTech Leaders
Collaborate with the edTech leaders (Luke/Bob) at SCOE and include them in future work in science education.

Build upon the work of others and familiarize myself with the work occurring at the districts in our county.

Work with and recognize exemplar programs and teachers. Include these leaders into PD, grant writing, and workshop development.

Celebrate their successes in our monthly newsletter.
Teacher Networks
Establish a Teacher Training Team network of educators in our region.

Attend grade alike meetings and co-facilitate regional events with Wil Fry.

Establish a forum and a network of teacher leaders to share ideas and network with each other quarterly.
Build on relationships with MJC, CSU Stanislaus, UC Merced, UC Davis, Pacific, Delta, and Columbia College.

CaMSP grant with Cathy Parker (TCOE) and Kirk Brown (SJCOE)

Develop NGSS modules with Cathy Parker and Kirk Brown.

Contact all principals in our county and introduce myself and provide them with contact information.

Visit MJC and speak with Brian Sanders about future work together.

Hold DSSP at MJC this year

Share information with the leaders of our county through web tools such as Google Apps

Work with MAPS Science Partners in our region
Goal 1: STEM Development
Develop formal and informal STEM Opportunities in Stanislaus County for all students and develop a network of teachers and leaders whose purpose is to increase the STEM workforce.
Create and write our monthly newsletter

Request information from key partners to include in our newsletter

Develop our Science Website

Import all contacts into Constant Contact for strategic marketing

Develop STEM workshops which includes technical writing and ed technology
Goal 2: Next Generation Science Standards
Provide support, guidance and professional development for districts around the Next Generation Science Standards.
Present at CSTA

Present at ETC. and CASEL

Present local and regional NGSS Awareness workshops

Attend Regional NGSS Workshops with colleagues in Tulare, San Joaquin, Calaveras, Tuolumne, Sacramento, and Amador, Fresno

Develop Technical Writing and Flip Lesson Modeling Workshops

Develop Science and Engineering Practices workshops with CCSS and art integration
Provide information, expertise, professional development, and support for science integration and the roll out of the Next Generation Science Standards
Dissemination of Information
Provide updates to SCOE staff, CLRN, and Barbara Little

Pass all information regard NGSS to chairs and district leadership

Include NGSS updates in our monthly newsletter
SCOE Science Events Indicators and Actions
Provide expertise, professional development, and support for science student events and activities.
Formal Training with Mike Oakes

Discuss StarLab Training for 13-14 with Mike Oakes

Familiarize myself with the the Star Lab calendar and check out procedure
Science Fair
Contact Stephanie Anderson about Intel ISEF

Work with Bernadette to enter all tasks and milestones related to science fair

Contact Lynn Hansen and work out all judging details
Future City and Science Olympiad
Attend the Future City and Science Olympiad Competitions

Promote the competitions with contact districts

Market the competitions in our regional newsletter

Familiarize myself with the competitions
After School Network
Meet with Julie Sesser to establish and support STEM in after school programs

Assist with the development of Makerspaces and promote the Maker movement in districts

Explore partnerships with SJCOE, Tulare, and Fresno to promote STEM opportunities for our after school network

Connect with Jeff Davis of STEM2 to support STEM activities
Create and deliver STEM workshops for robotics and market and promote these workshops

Create and promote edTech, web development, and Flipping Instruction workshops in partnership with Luke Hibbard

Create and promote simple programming workshops for grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12

Coordinate Dinner with a Scientist, StarLab, and Science Fair, and participate and support Science Olympiad, Future City Competition, and the after school network.
Goal 3: SCOE Science Events and Informal Science
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