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Week 8: Whole Number Multiplication and Division

No description

Kim Wright

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of Week 8: Whole Number Multiplication and Division

98 + 54
Multiplication and Division Problem Structures
Total unknown
Sarah has 6 five dollar bills. How much money does Sarah have? 6 x 5 = ?

Group size unknown
Sarah has $30 worth of $5 bills. How many five dollar bills does she have? 30 / 5 = ? or 5 x ? = 30

Number of groups unknown
Sarah has 6 bills of the same amount totaling $30. What piece of money does Sarah have? 6 x ? = 30 or 30 / 6 = ?
Student-centered vs. Standard Algorithms
algorithms are clever strategies for computing that have been
developed over time
. Each is
based on
performing the operation on one
place value
at a time with transitions to an adjacent position. Unfortunately, standard algorithms
tend to make students think in terms of digits
rather than the composite number that the digits make up, so
students lose the essence of the actual place value of a digit
." Van de Walle, Karp, & Bay-Williams (2013), p. 236
Multiplication Strategies
Week 8: Whole Number Multiplication and Division
Do Now:
Estimate the sum of the problem below.
Today's agenda(3/7):
Mid-term Assessment
Basic Fact Mastery
Multiplication/Division Problem Structures
Student-centered strategies for multi-digit multiplication and division
Multiplication Fact Mastery
Complete your 12x12 chart as efficiently as you can
On the back, summarize your overall strategy
Turn to your partner and discuss your strategy
Whole class discussion
Now watch this (the sound doesn't work, but it is a good strategy):
Repeated addition
34 + 34 + 34 + 34...23 times
Partial products methods:
Box method

Cluster problems

Standard Algorithm
Repeated subtraction

128/8 would be 128 - 8 - 8 - 8 - 8.....
Partial quotients methods:

Subtracting/Adding up multiples

Explicit trades

Standard Algorithm
Try it out...
Write a word problem using each problem structure:

Total unknown
Group size unknown
Total of groups unknown

Solve your problems. Trade with a partner and solve.

You try...
Solve your problem below using 3 different methods.

You try...
Solve the problem below using at least 3 methods.

186 / 12
Math/Literature Integration due tonight by 11:59pm

Differentiated activity due in class on 3/28

Read VDW Ch. 15, Lamon chapter, Brennan article
Based on the part you do not know
Stop reading until we get to
Task Analysis clarification
Math & Literature due 3/20, 11:59pm
Tiered Activity due 3/27, 11:59pm
3/21 Announcements/Agenda
Midterm feedback- 93.79 average
Math/Lit Integration due tonight
Tiered Activity due next Monday
in class
- bring handout (see eCampus) and materials for 12 ppl
plus a handout for me
Try out WIPS
Multiplication progression analysis
Back to problem types with your problems from 3/7 (PPW plate)
Division strategies
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