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Gender issue in Accounting

No description

Felice Cheng

on 16 December 2011

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Transcript of Gender issue in Accounting

Gender Issue in Accounting

Felice Cheng & Shanice kwok skills needed for a career in accounting analytical skills
communication skills
computer skills
leadership skills
teamwork skills

Female accountants
Male accountants
Facts between Female and Male accountants Female accountants are less porfitable than male accountants Professional Institutions Members Students
ACCA 40% 50%
CIMA 28% 45%
CIPFA 27% *
ICAEW 23% 40%
ICA (Ireland) 31% *
ICA (Scotland) 26% 46%
* No percentage given
Source: Adapted from Broadbent & Kirkham (2008:468) who make more profit?
Female or Male? Accountants that are over 45 years old:
Male accountants paid 60% more than women Accountants that are under 30 :
Male accountants paid 4 % more than women the ratio 5:2
Gender Percentage Average Salary
45% $ 112,417

55% $ 74,754 According to the news report, over three quarters of male accountants believe that women are still being prevented from reaching the upper level of the industry. The Glass Ceiling The term glass ceiling is most often applied in business situations
when men always dominate the top positions in a company and no matter how hard women work and try is almost impossible to break throught the "glass ceiling" In the 1970's, almost NO women at all were found in the accounting profession 1. Why, historically and currently, are
top positions in accounting male dominated? 2. Are male accountants perceived to be better executives than female accountants? 3. How far have women actually gone and
how far can they go in accounting? The current phenomenon 56% the public accounting profession is still male-dominated at the higher
levels. most common job titles for female respondents
Controller (24%)
Financial/Accounting Manager (21%).

for Male respondents
CFOs (23%)
Controllers (20%). WHY? Gender discrimination Types of gender
discrimination at accounting workplace
JOB 1. women look at and approach issues differently than men do, but because they don’t fit “the mold”, they’re not capable of higher level performance. 2. owners are concerned with their marriage and they would probably “make babies” and leave.
3. people think women have lower ability and skills than men Direct discrimination Almost none of women CPAs receive the same pay as their counterparts. Discouragement and Prevention 1. company should take complains seriously 2.sexual harassment and discrimination should be discussed in all firm’s employee manuals, and that it will not be tolerated and those who commit it will be prosecuted accordingly 3.women should be informed of the harassment and discrimination issues in public accounting before entering the profession 4.balanced-sex leadership role in the office (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr $$$ $$$ Answer the questions skill of managing money Questions Time!
1.What is the glass ceiling?
2.In 1970, how many women are in the accounting industry?
3.What is the ratio in men to women in accounting?
4.How much percentage are the accountants under 30 that male accountants more than women?
5.What cause the employers hesitate to hire women?
6.What demeaning work are women assigned to do?
7.Name 2 of the prevention for the gender discrimination.
8.Can u think of some ideas that can guarantee the gender equality?

adverse action defferential treatment happen to men, women and also transgenders prejudice and illegal Indirect
discrimination Maternity/paternity leaves not provided for
Harassment at work
the accounting profession has shown an increased interest in gender-related problems. there is a sutdy on why there are so few women CPA partners. And here is a statement of a female respondent: " sexual harrassment is cauing emotional distress and inhibiting the work activites of many of CPAs. while you appear to ignore sexual harrassment in your study, I believe the consequences of sexual harassment in public accounting are significant in explaning the scarcity of women partners. Rather than face it, many women just quit" Victimization - always given menial tasks that do not allow women the chance to prove their worth
- aren't given the advancement opportunities that men are at public accounting firms
- bad comments or comparison between female and male are made how to handle gender discrimination at workplace? approach the higher authority to look into the matter
discuss this issue with you human resouces manager
resort to the law to help you out
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