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past continuous

intermediate level

simon friend

on 11 September 2018

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Transcript of past continuous



run →
give →
swim →
lie →
sit →
travel →
Sub + was/were + ing form
Consonant + vowel = lose the Vowel (E)
live → living
give → giving

Vowel + consonant = double the consonant
run → running
swim → swimming
sit → sitting
travel → travelling

lie → lying
Look at the last 2 letters!
Do ‘The alibi game’.
Ricky was waiting for
was singing a song.
Joe was reading
a book.
six o'clock
, Myriam and her family were having dinner.
Bob was walking home
because his car had a flat tire.
At half past seven,
Mister Logan
was driving home.
The children were playing
in the sandbox.
was visiting her best friend.
Henry was living
in London
last year.

Anita was working at a restaurant
last week
Now look at the Pictures and make YES/NO questions.
You want to know whether the following people were in the middle of an action at a certain time in the past.
Questions – (YES NO)
Sarah and Luke / not / work
Mister Miller / not / teach / chemistry
Barry / not / drive / a lorry (UK english for "truck")
Mandy / not / have / lunch
Jason and Aron / run / down the street
Betty / do / her homework
Cindy and James / make / dinner
Rebecca / watch / Star Trek
Anita and Linda / sit / in the kitchen
Somebody believes that yesterday at 3 pm the following people were in the middle of an action.

That cannot be, however, as yesterday at 3 pm these people were
doing those things.

Negative Sentences
Positive Sentences
For actions in progress at a time in the past, can include a specific time.

“He was traveling around Europe during August and September”.

Sentence A emphasizes activity (doing),

sentence B emphasizes achievement. But the meaning is very similar.
Simple vs continuous
Ask for the information in the
part of the sentence.
Questions (WHERE, WHEN, etc)

Write negative sentences in past progressive.
Who was Ricky waiting for?
Who was singing a song?
What was Joe reading?
When were Myriam and her family having dinner?
Why was Bob walking home?
Who was driving home at half past seven?
Where were the children playing?
What was Claire doing?
Negative sentences
Read a ‘set up’ about a place.
Try and remember it.
No tell you story to a partner from the other group and add the beginning of “the main story’ at the end. (you must imagine this)
was walking
in Delhi, India .

Slim, dark skinned children
were selling
flowers and mangoes. Old ladies
were shopping
for vegetables. Tourists
were wearing
Indian clothes and
taking pictures
. Children
were begging
for money. Young people
were dancing
at a wedding and
Some people
were doing
yoga in a park while others
were meditating
. Suddenly a bomb
onto the street, I
didn’t know
what to do.
Where does the action begin in the below paragraph?

“The sun was setting, students were drinking and relaxing, Simon was taking photos. Girls were swimming in a pool. Nearby birds were making a lot of noise. A Japanese girl smiled at Simon. Simon took a photo of her and walked towards her….”
USE – atmosphere!
To describe a situation or the background of a story or the atmosphere.
(Past simple is used for the main events).
6. They (have) so much fun at the party, they (decide) to stay.
7. When the teacher (arrive), they (play) in the back of the classroom.
8. While I (have) a drink in the cafe, I (see) an accident outside.
9. What (you/ do) when the telephone (ring)?
10. Why (you /run) when I you (see) the other day?
she was drinking Vodka when she passed out
Slide 1
she was cooking dinner when someone called
Slide 3
Slide 1
Slide 2
Slide 1
WORK SHEET: Past continuous interrupted action
While I (talk) to my friends at the night club last Saturday a boy I (know) called John (come) up to me and(ask) me to dance. While we (dance), he accidentally (stand) on my foot. I (scream) in pain. We (stop) dancing and (walk) over to the bar. While we (walk), I (notice) some other friend of mine. They (start) to argue. I (ignore) them and while John (order) the drinks, I (hope) for a better evening.
Slide 2
Slide 2
Slide 3
“she was watching TV, when a strange man knocked at the door.”
When a longer action in the past has been interrupted (stopped) by a shorter one.

----------- x

-He was singing his favorite song in the shower
his mum walked in. (he stopped singing)
1.   I (drive) my new car when I (have) the accident.
2.   She (walk) down the street when she (trip) on the pavement
3. They (not see) me because they (talk) to each other.
4. I (have) a shower so I (not hear) the phone
5. We (walk) in the mountains when we (hear) a piercing scream.
Click for answer!
Click for answer!
Click for answer
MAKE your own
use the internet - or your phone camera to make a series of pictures - then the class can guess the sentence...
Notice that their actions are unconnected…. Unrelated…
If they were related – we would use “Use 5”
Actions taking place
at the same time
. ----
to each other! 


“Paul was reading the newspaper
Sarah was serving breakfast.”

Past Cont + While + Past cont
Make an explosion chart of your life.
Try and identify your core values.
Write a short story that reveals them, make it simple, something you could tell someone in a bar.
USE PAST CONTINUOUS or I will kill you!
. Anyway, everybody forgot about me for a while and when they remembered me, they realized I had been in the sun for too long. I had heat stroke. My face was red and I looked like I might faint. My family was very worried and put me in the shade of a big tree. Someone said, “She needs a drink”. But unfortunately there was no water – only beer. So my father opened a bottle of beer and I drank lots of it, because I was really thirsty!
That was the first time I ever got drunk!
1. Jane (have) a wonderful time in Hawaii while her parents (work) in New York.
2. Last night I (watch) 'Operacion Triunfo' on TV when the lights (go) off
3. Can you tell me what you (do) yesterday when I (call) you.
4. The teacher (shout) and everybody (sit) down
6. As we (sleep) last night, we (hear) an incredible noise.
7. I am not guilty. I (play) golf while the crime place (take)
unrelated parallel actions (use 4)
shorter actions during longer actions (use 5).
interrupted actions (use 3)

Batman was dancing with Catwoman while the Joker was robbing a bank
Batman was dancing with Catwoman when the joker robbed a bank
While Batman was dancing with Catwoman he thought about the Joker
Which one?
unrelated parallel actions (use 4)
shorter actions during longer actions (use 5).
interrupted actions (use 3)

Lisa was drinking with Dimity when they saw a murder
While Lisa was drinking with Jill they watched a murder
Lisa was drinking with Dimity while Jill was murdering Joy
Which one?
unrelated parallel actions (use 4)
shorter actions during longer actions (use 5).
interrupted actions (use 3)

I was playing football while my sister was flying to Sydney

I was playing football when my sister fell off her chair

While I was playing football my sister ate an apple
Which one?
while I was playing guitar I talked to Lisa.

I was playing guitar when I talked to Lisa.

I was playing guitar while Sharon was talking to Lisa

Past cont + while + past cont
- is often used with unrelated parallel actions

while + Past cont
+ past simple
- is often used with shorter actions during longer actions

Past cont +
When + past simp
- is often used with interrupted actions
A smaller action during a larger action

While I was watching TV I ate cookies.
while + past cont
+ past simple)
Pass it on story
Reading (KEY)
Unlucky burgerler (KEY) -Home worrk
Repeated actions. We can use ALWAYS or CONSTANTLY. Often we are talking about something irritating or shocking.

“Joyce was always talking about herself. She was a very self-centered person as a teenager.”
“My mother was constantly telling me to behave.”
Extra use.
Read your story
Remember your story
Tell your story (no reading)
Hello my name is Liz. I come from Brazil.
I love to drink and go to parties. My profession is PR, so my personality fits with my job. : )
The first time I got drunk was when I was 3 years old. I know, that’s very young, even in Brazil. : ) We were on the beach a long way from the city, just me and my very large family. Cousins were swimming, uncles were drinking and my mum and aunties were lying in the sun
DO this as revision week two int. (past cont page (NIO p15?)– teaches story telling)
Also do CROC movie, week two (survival week) as revision…)
LA pick-up artists communicate core values to trick women into falling in love with them. People trust people when they know what ‘makes them tick’.
Would you no someone better if you could look around their bedroom for five minutes or if you could go out with them socially once a week for 3 months?
We don’t communicate our core values!
Core values
This is not an interruption.
(I was watching TV
I heard a fire alarm)
This is not an unrelated parallel action.
(I was watching TV
my cousin was surfing)
(past cont +
+ past cont)
(use 4)
(use 5).

(use 3)
Which use 1,2,3,4,5???
Click for answer!
NOW u try!
while + Past cont + past simple - is often used with shorter actions during longer actions (use 5).
Past cont + When + past simp - is often used with interrupted actions (use 3)
Past cont + while + past cont - is often used with unrelated parallel actions (use 4)
Where was Henry living last year?
When was Anita working at a restaurant?
In sentence (a) we are more interested in what was happening at that time, the activity is not so important or special.
"what was Steven up to on the weekend?"
In sentence (b) maybe driving is a unusual achievement for the lady – maybe she lives in Saudi Arabia
1-Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson were playing cards in Mel’s home library.2-…………………………………………………………………………………………3-…………………………………………………………………………………………4-………………………………………………………………………………………….5-………………………………………………………………………………………….6-………………………………………………………………………………………….
Using PAST CONTINUOUS in different ways!
past simple & PAST CONTINUOUS (WS) with key
I was walking in Harujuku , Japan . It was night. The streetlights were shining. School girls were texting and giggling. French tourists were buying expensive clothes and looking very fashionable. Couples were holding hands and window shopping. Young married couples were pushing prams with cute dogs inside, dressed in cute clothes. Young boys were staring at pretty young girls. Old men were also staring at pretty young girls. Shop windows were shining light on to the streets.
I was walking in Bosasso, Sudan . It was early morning. Slim, dark skinned pirates, carrying machine guns were loading their small boats. Poor people were starving and begging for food. Pirates were organizing extravagant parties with elegant women and beautiful food. They were buying expensive cars and wearing expensive clothes. Fishermen were loading their fishing nets into their boats. The American Navy were patrolling the coast. Captured sailers were sitting on the beach. They were very frightened.
y. When I began studying at university. I had to travel across the city by bus. It took me three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon. Can you imagine? Six hours everyday on the bus. It was too much… Then, one day, on my birthday, I arrived home from my long bus journey… And guess what? There was a present waiting for me in the front drive way. A car! My father had bought me a car! What a surprise! That was the first day, my eighteenth birthday, that I knew that my dad loved me! With a car it only took me an hour and a half to get to University! Much better.
Hello. My name is Om. I come from ThailandMy father believed in ‘tough love’. He was a good father, but he was never kind to me.When I lived in Bangkok the traffic was very busy. I mean really busy! It took people many hours to get to work. People in Thailand don’t believe in public transport, they think it is for poor people. So every one has a car. Many people drive for three hours a day. They eat breakfast in the car. Children do their homework in the back seat… It’s crazy.
Hello. My name is Shoko. I’m from Japan.When I was a small child I was like most Japanese children. I only liked Anime (cartoons), I didn’t like movies. One day when I was maybe six or seven, I saw my dad watching a movie. He always watched American movies. It was his favorite pastime. Anyway the movie I watched with him was called ‘Back to the Future” and it was really exciting. I loved it! After that I watched movies with my father every weekend. We had a wonderful time together. It was nice to spend time with my father. Many of the movies we watched together were American. Maybe that’s why I love learning English?
During while WS
interrupted action
It's not the 'how'
its the "when" and "why"
what was the sales manager doing at midday???
Story about Baptiste's party....
1# Watch opening of children of men.
2# Make several sentences for atmosphere.
Remember children of men?
Make an interrupted sentence for the first scene...
We can do another scene also:

--Where the baby is born?
--On the bus into the camp?


Class practice

--with past cont & Past simple

Students make sentences when I pause.
Private practice
of past continuous
.....at 7pm last Friday night?
......Yesterday morning before breakfast
.....before school today
What were you doing....
...while you were waiting for class
YES/NO questions
in past progressive.
Describe what you see
I have WS for these:
Simon was watching TV WHILE his friends were getting ready
Simon was trying to sleep while his neighbors were arguing.
The coffee guy was making Simon's coffee while Simon was choosing his breakfast.
Keep WHILE in front of Past cont!
While I was watching tv,
I ate some pizza.
I ate some Pizza
while I was watching TV
See the difference:
While I was watching TV I ate some Pizza
I was watching TV when Yurika knocked at my door.
Sentence 1# is a long action (past cont) and a small action INSIDE the long action (past simple)
Sentence 2# is a long action (past cont) INTERUPTED by a short action (past simp).
While I was traveling I visited France
I visited France while I was traveling
I saw Bruno while I was walking to school
While I was walking to school.....
While I was eating dinner I started coughing, it was embarrassing.
I started coughing......
While I was walking home I vomited on the street.
I vomited......
3# & 4# could be said as Interrupted action as well using when... Can you try...?
I was eating dinner When....
I was walking home when...
Think about a special moment in your past.
What was happening

-- use past cont.
"Birds were singing"

"People were shouting"

"My mum was cooking in the kitchen"

"Me and my friend were talking"

Just before the special moment
But don't say anything just think about it.
OK -- Now you can tell your partner about the moments just before this special moment. AND THEN....

What was the special moment...
What was happening last night?
What WASN'T happening last weekend...?
He was driving yesterday
she drove yesterday
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