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My trip to the Netherlands

Brody Mouw

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Netherlands

Netherlands Kasteel De Haar domkerk I'm visiting Domkerk because it
is one of Netherlands oldest cathedrals. It took nearly three centuries to build from 1254 to 1517. Kasteel De Haar is one of
the most well kept castles from the midevil ages. Suprisingly, it still has some of the paintings left on the walls. Van Gogh Museum Next I'm visiting Van Gogh
Museum. Van Gough is one of
the most famous painters in the
Netherlands. Brody Mouw 1 Anne Frankhuis Next I visit Anne Frankhuis house.
This is the house when Anne Frank
hid from nazis in WWII Madurodam Now I will visit Madurodam, Holland.
It is a 1:25 scale of Holland! Windmill I'm visiting this windmill because windmills have had a big impact on the Dutch for many years. The Dutch have created a total of 1,150 and still counting. Menkemaborg Menkemaborg has a series of WWII collections and vechicles. It is the Netherlands finest exaple of a borg. Canal Skating! Now after the thermometer drops low enough, I go and enjoy highways of ice. I buy some skates and join the Dutch in canal skating! Carnival My next visit is to Maastricht on February, 23.
This celebration of life dates all the way back to 1385 Tulip Trail Finally,at the end of my trip I visit the colorful
Tulip Trail. It began over 400 years ago and today has over a million flowers.
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