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Too Old To Learn

Communication Skills Semester Four

Farah Alibhai

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Too Old To Learn

Case Study Too Old to Learn Facts Major Characters
C.J. (CEO)
Ed McGlynn (52, senior salesman)
Roger Sterling (28, Web Guru)
Minor Characters
Ed's Daughter
Karen Issues Involved the generation gap between Ed and Rogers resulting into different thinking caps
"People don't buy insurance - you sell it to them" - personal connection is lost if Armor Coat goes online
Company sales are decreasing Group Members Farah Alibhai (Forensics)
Fatema Ambawala (BA. Tourism)
Gundeep Singh (BBA. Ent)
Arun Karthik (BBA B&I)
Garima Chauhan (BBA. Ent) Key Issue Compatibility between Ed and Rogers which lead to conflict
Incompatibility due to
age difference
professional field
demeanor Solutions C.J can be a mediator trying to make them understand and translate through amicable terms
C.J. gives an ultimatum to Roger and Ed
strict ground rules
Use Ed's daughter who is computer oriented Armor Coat Insurance
create new online database
senior salesman paired with tech guru
thinking incompatibility between two age groups
communication gap
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