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A Walk Across America

No description

Kara Vlahceivc

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of A Walk Across America

Peter started his adventure in Alfred, NY. This all started because he had a talk with Stu that inspired him to give America a chance. Peter trained on Mt. California. This was named for his dream to reach California on his walk. On the beginning of his walk in Pennsylvania Cooper, Peter's half-malamute dog, got into a tousle with a porcupine and was quelled. While trying to sedate Cooper a random person on the side of the road helped Peter pull the quills out. Peter learned that there is a kindness in Americans that is often overlooked. They made it to Washington DC where Peter had an appointment with Mr. Gil Grosvenor. While he was at the National Geographic Society he got a camera to take pictures while on his walk. The one thing the Mr. Grosvenor told him that stuck was to take his time while walking. That was one of the things that changed the way Peter walked. Peter’s first Thanksgiving was in Virginia. He and Cooper bought a mountain of food for Thanksgiving and they had Thanksgiving in the mountains. After Thanksgiving while Peter was walking they had come across Man-eater mountain and once climbed there was a VW van that had come up and the man driving gave Peter 5 apples. The next main event that happened in A Walk Across America is Peter stopping in Chatham Hill to see Homer Davenport. When Peter and Homer first met on Homer’s mountain Homer was skeptical about Peter. Although after a great deal of talking they became friends. At the end of Peter’s stay Homer offered Peter his place after he passed away but Peter had to decline. Peter next big move was in Robbinsville NC. He entered this town thing he was going to get a job to be able to get more money for his trip. But once he got there no one in town believed his story. They all though he was a drug dealer and did not accept him in their town. So he left Murphy was a big part of Peter’s trip in A Walk Across America. When Peter first got there he was nervous that the town would not accept him like the people in Robbinsville. But when we first walked into the diner the waiter came over to ask him why he was here and once she found out they accepted him because the person who founded came through here on their walk.
After dinner Peter decided to not give into his prejudice nature and go over and play basketball with the black guys. His team won. Once the game was done the Oliver brothers invited Peter to camp out with them. After camping the brought Peter back to their house where Peter met Mary Elizabeth where they had dinner. Dinner was over and Peter still need a place to stay and the Oliver’s offered one of their bed rooms. Mary Elizabeth finally let Peter stay after see how well he treats Cooper and how much Cooper loves him. Mary Elizabeth’s only rule with staying in her house was to go to Mount Zion Baptist Church every Sunday. Since Peter didn’t have a suit in his pack he had to borrow one from Zack. When he went to church he felt reinvigorated.
10.Peter got a job at Timber Products. There his partner Lemm taught him everything he needed to know to run the machines by himself. Peter had been with the Oliver’s for a long time now and one day when he got home from work everybody was huddled on the floor and it started to hail and a tornado passed over. After it passed Peter went to help with the other people that the storm had damaged.
11.On the last day in Smokey Hallow Peters family and the Oliver’s had dinner and they said goodbye to Peter and Zack. Murphy and Sleepy Hallow The next big event in Peter’s walk was going to The Farm in Tennessee. The Farm is a cult where they follow a man named Peter Gaskins. These people, who have really high educations and no farming skills at all, leave the city to go follow him. He believes that god is out there but if you look for him he won’t be there. These people live in an unorthodox manner. After the people in the farm try and get him to stay and give everything to him but Peter didn’t want to. So the day he left the farm they were going on a ride and Cooper got ran over. This event changed his walk. Another major event in Peter’s walk is when he went to the revival in Mobile Alabama. Peter originally was going to go to a party but when we saw multiple signs for the revival his curiosity got the best of him and he went to check it out. After going to the revival he felt open and willing to find god in his own way. His last stop was in New Orleans where National Geographic wanted him to write about his story. He talked to one of the people that he meant at the revival and that person let him stay at the seminary where he met Barbara Pennell. He spent so much time with Barbara and they fell in love. But the realization that of they got married Barbara would have to go on the rest of the trip with him, so they decided to go to church to see if they could find a sign. When the preacher shouted out “Why wouldn’t you go with him” Barbara knew he should go with him. They got married and Peter continued his journey with Barbara to California.
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