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Subject Verb Agreement

No description

Zach Hamer

on 27 August 2010

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Transcript of Subject Verb Agreement

Subject-Verb Agreement: What you need to know. Sometimes, things just do not go
well together... Nerds and... Grills. However, many things go very
well together: Thus, it is the same with subjects and
verbs of any sentence. The tense of the verb must match
tense of the subject. FOR EXAMPLE: Plural subjects must have plural verbs.
Singular subjects need singular verbs. Example: The mayor claims that the new taxes will
improve the local school. Plural subjects must have plural verbs. Many doctors claim that garlic is very healthy,
especially for males. Singular: The detective story describes a violent crime. Plural: Many chapters in the book describe
the motive of the criminal. Why does this matter? This error is one of the most jarring for readers, and can easily
distract them from your writing and discredit your authority. In a verb phrase, it is the first helping verb
that must agree with the subject. Examples:
A neighbor has reported a murder.
The officers have searched for clues. Please correct the following sentences:
The quarterback pass the ball down the field.
The track stars all passes the finish line.
Jake Scully be the main star of Avatar.
The student run quickly down the hallway.
Every year, many dogs becomes lost.
The President have ordered Congress to get back to work.
The volleyball players has practiced hard today for the game.
American citizens votes every four years for the President.
After work, Jim make sure to lock up the garage.
Each student have been given the district handbook.
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