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All Aboard the Cluetrain


David Willows

on 25 October 2009

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Transcript of All Aboard the Cluetrain

All Aboard The Cluetrain FINALSITE UNIVERSITY 2009 DAVID WILLOWS Director of External Relations, International School of Brussels, Belgium "Telling the story of ISB and helping others find their place in this story" Why are you here? Maintaining and developing the school's educational brand and reputation of delegates attend conferences for the purpose of seeing friends and meeting new people. 80% PhD Philosophy Advisor to the Bishop of London Writer Blogger and Storyteller Mental Health Chaplain European Project Manager on Sustainable Energy European Association of Communication Directors University Lecturer Grade 4 teacher Let's make some new friends! 4 compontents of friendmaking Conversation Trust Listening Story Friendmaking=Brandmaking Important: Indiginous to the island that bears the name: United Kingdom Companies only figured this out a few years ago "Markets are nothing more than conversations… Our only hope is to talk."
The Cluetrain Manifesto The End of Business As Usual Trust Conversation Listening Story What transformative stories of learning are you telling? What kinds of conversations are you having with your customers? How are you listening to them? Do they trust you? Editor and Founder, Journal of Innovative Teaching David Willows wants to be your friend! Born in 1970 Don't talk to me! Don't ask any questions! We would never introduce ourselves like that, would we? we are all on a journey... Attraction Recruitment Engagement Induction Retention Release Want to keep the conversation going? www.twitter.com/davidwillows


http://davidwillows.squarespace.com The new reality Me and My Story Thank you
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