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Cohesion & Adhesion

No description

Zach Whalen

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Cohesion & Adhesion

Now you might be wondering, "What does cohesion and adhesion do? How does it affect me in my life?"
Well these next few slides will show what adhesion and cohesion actually can do.
Adhesion helps plants transport water from their roots to their leaves because water molecules stick to the sides of the vessels that carry water.
How does Cohesion and Adhesion relate to me?
Surface Tension (Caused by Cohesion)
Cohesion produces surface tension, which is the reason lots of bugs can float on water, if you ever wondered how. Surface tension is pretty much like a kind of skin on water.
To start learning about cohesion and adhesion you have to know the basic definitions for them.

Cohesion: The attraction among molecules of a substance. (If you're talking just about water, it's what keeps water drops together.)

Adhesion: The attraction among molecules of different substances. (Also, if you're just talking about water, it's what makes water drops stick to other substances or surfaces.)
Cohesion & Adhesion

Surface tension comes from hydrogen bonds that cause water molecules to stick together, which is shown in the picture below. (Hydrogen bonds are attractions between slightly positive atoms and slightly negative atoms.)
Whenever you see a water drop, you may wonder why, in fact, it is in the shape of a drop. This is actually because of
. The water droplets attract to each other, making the drop.
So when you get of the shower, or see rain drops stuck on your windshield, the drops are shaped the way they are because of cohesion.
by: Zach Whalen
The tube on the left is filled with water. The water's surface is curved down because water has greater adhesion than cohesion.

The tube on the right is filled with mercury. The mercury's surface is curved down because mercury has greater cohesion than adhesion.
This is an example of what cohesion and adhesion can do to different substances:
The water drops stick to your body or your windshield because of
. Adhesion is what makes water and other substances stick to other objects. Without adhesion, paint wouldn't stay on your walls, band-aids wouldn't stick to you, you wouldn't need windshield wipers because the water drops caused by cohesion wouldn't adhere to your windshield.
In conclusion,

cohesion and adhesion come into effect with many different basic activities in throughout your everyday life, you just don't realize it. So whenever you get out of the shower, or see water drops stuck to a leaf on a plant, or something like that, just think about cohesion and adhesion, because if you pay attention to it, you can easily see the many things cohesion and adhesion do.
What does adhesion do?
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