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on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of Gandhi

Movie Clip:
Image by Tom Mooring
Authentic Leadership
1. What is Authentic Leadership?

2. Movie clip: Gandhi's Speech

3. Kernis' four characteristics
a. Self-awareness
b. Relational
c. Unbiased processing
d. Actions & Behaviours

4. Conclusion & Lessons

Authentic leadership
Self Awareness
Authentic Behaviors and Actions
Michael Kernis' 4 core elements

an Authentic Leader
Relational Authenticity
Unbiased Processing
Authentic Leadership:
is "a generic term that connotes genuineness [which] conveys to the followers that the leader is the real thing"
Giulia Kossmann
Victoria Sendecki
Howard Tampi
Alejandra Castellanos
Lucile Canque
"Self awareness is a prerequisite for self-authorship, [whereas self-authorship is] the ability to reflect upon one’s beliefs, organize one’s thoughts and feelings in the context of, but separate from the thoughts and feelings of others, and literally makes up one’s own mind".
(Eriksen, 2009 p.749)
“When a leader is consistent and acts in agreement with his or her values, convictions, and desires, then authentic behavior is the result”.
(Waite et al 2014 p.284)
“Balanced processing to describe a relatively unbiased form of information processing that is less susceptible to denials, distortions, exaggerations, and/or ignorance regarding one’s personal experience, private knowledge, and external feedback on the self".
(Walumbwa et al 2011 p.111)
Movie: Richard Attenborough 1982
“Leaders [who] endorse values that promote the interests of the larger community and transparently convey these values to followers”.
(Eagly, 2005 p.461)
Gandhi was an inspiration and exemplification of authentic leadership
Kernis’ 4 core elements of authenticity
Self Awareness
Unbiased processing
Stays true to his values and beliefs
Relational authenticity
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