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Faiza Almarzooqi

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of presentation

T.S.C Introduction Costumer List: Requirements Specification Conclusion We provided a new traffic light with well
standard specification to improve it's quality and added new function to be more beneficial for road users.
DM ~~ Design D was the most approperiate.
To conclude with, our new added functions were:
traffic light with adjustable columns.
new devices is attached to the traffic light
add new programs to the main screen. Traffic Service Company Designers
Software engineers
Sales persons
Public (driver, walkers)
Police -Need to know the direction and places.
-Tourist attracting places.
-Easy way to report traffic accidents.
-Need to do something while waiting.. e.g. Newspapers and freshmen. Walkers: Drivers: -Need to have something while waiting at
the traffic light.
-Easy access to traffic updates.
-Adjustable traffic signals if the other roads are empty. The traffic police and technicians: - Easy way to get information about
the accident location.
- More creative way to control the speeds
- Easy way to control road movements.
- Easy way to control the traffic light columns.
- Easy way to maintain traffic lights. - Provide new appearance of traffic light.
- Provide a screen display city map,
GPS and emergency buttons.
- Provide vending machines attached to
the traffic lights.
- Allow a combination of radar and
traffic light programs. -Provide the screen with a camera.
-Provide a hydrolice system in the columns to adjust the size.
-Allow the head of the traffic lights to be
replaced or fixed easily.
-Provide a program to display on screen
the traffic updates.
-Allow the traffic light to change
automatically between roads. Afraa Alseraidy 201103906
Faiza Almarzooqi 201100275
Mahraa Alblooshi 201103899
Mariam Almansouri 201101655
Muna Alkhazali 201050377 Mission: Reducing traffic jam.
Reducing percentage of car accidents
.Making transportation easier. What is traffic lights? Traffic lights, also known as traffic signals, traffic lamps, signal lights, robots and semaphores., are signalling devices positioned at or near road intersections, pedestrian crossings and other locations to control competing flows of traffic. Why did we choose traffic lights ? Traffic lights has narrow functions.
One of the tool that've been used by different categories of people and should serve them all. Outline : Introduction.
- Mission.
- What is the traffic light.
- Why did we chose traffic light.
Customer list.
- Walkers - Drivers -Traffic police
Desing criteria
Conclusion Design Criteria: Use of standard part 10%
Maintenance 15%
Performance 18%
Reliability 20%
Public Acceptance 10%
Appearance 5%
Durability 12%
Cost 10% Conceptual Design B A C D The best appliable design is design D
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