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Future Development of Garment manufacturing

No description

Ka Ki, Keith Li

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Future Development of Garment manufacturing

Future Development of Garment manufacturing
Keith Li ka ki
suggested development strategy
1. Engage more in Childrenswear segment
2. Deploy Market Penetration in Internet Retailing Business
1. Market Performance
- Overview
market analysis
1. Resilient Market Performance across BRICs
2. Strong Market needs for Internet Apparel Retailing
3. More MNC enter Chinese Apparel market
1. Market Performance
- Conclusion

A. Global - Strong and stable growth rate
B. Emerging Market,
i.e. India - Strong Market Growth
2. APAC market
Booming growth in apparel and footwear retailing

1. Market Research and Analysis
2. Internal Capabilities
3. Strategic Fit and Value
2. Demand for Internet apparel retailing
1. The market potential of Childrenswear product

- High retail value growth --> 9% in 2015
- Full implementation of "Two-child" Policy
- More market emphasis on peripheral cities
1. Evidence

- The market expansion by A. Agabang (The second largest childrenswear in S.Koerea)
B. Under Amour plans to launch a childrenswear series in 2016
3. Market penetration by MNC
Fast Fashion:
- Tom Tailor
- GU
High End Fashion:
- Gate G1 One
- Beanpole
3. Means of Penetration

Fast Fashion:
- Focus more on Internet Retailing

High End Fashion:
- Collaborate with high-end department stores to
1. Establish brand image
2. Enhance Shopping Exp.
2. Grab the opportunity to expand online market

- Ease of accessing tier-3/4 cities in Mainland China (difficult to covered by physical stores)
- Effective to cultivate customer loyalty.
2. Associated benefit
- Able to know more about online customer behavior. (Big-Data Analysis)
2. Challenge:
- Require to obtain a reliable 3PL --> provide good logistics
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