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Essay Plan for Analysing Character of Patrick Clarke Senior

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Erín McClean

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Essay Plan for Analysing Character of Patrick Clarke Senior

Essay Plan Analysing Character of
Patrick Clarke Senior
Paddy's relationship with his Da is something which changes with progression of the novel. As he begins to see for himself how badly he treats his Ma, it affects how he feels about him.
“I loved him, he was my da...” Paddy loves his da but he is confused about why he hits his ma: " It didn't make sense. She was my ma"

At the beginning Paddy looks up to his Da for example, when he approaches him about a newspaper article at the end. Their relationship has changed from father to son, to man to man- When they see each other again they formerly shake hands.

Throughout the novel the reader becomes aware of various different sides of Patrick Senior. He shows his love and compassion at several points in the novel. The most evident points is when he is teaching - “ It was Sunday, the afternoon and he was bored. That was when he always taught me a new song”

He also had a nasty, violent streak which flared quite regularly within the novel. Quite often, his moods can change quite rapidly without warning. As Patrick Senior is showing his compassionate father side, teaching Paddy a new song he viciously hits him because he cannot sing the song correctly. This one example will instantly damage the relation between the two as it would make Paddy feel as he was a failure and unable to impress he role model.
What are the writer's intentions displaying the character of Patrick Clarke Senior?
Doyle indented to emphasise the changing attitudes of Patrick Clark Senior during the course of the novel through Paddy’s revelation of his father abusive nature and Paddy’s reaction to this discovery through how it affects him in other parts of his life (e.g. with his friends and his education)

Is he successful and how do we know this?
We know Doyle is successful because we are able to see the changes in Paddy as he learns about his father beating his mother. He becomes more mature and pulls away from his friends because they still act childish. He school work improves and he stops bulling Sinbad and come to care for and love him.
Passage: Paddy approaching Da about article in Newspaper

"My Da's hand were big. The fingers were long."
Short sentences typical of most of novel.
Visual Descriptions are used in the book to reflect Paddy's age.
Because of the narrative technique, we see a biased opinion of the Da through Paddy's eyes. Attitude Attitude towards Ma; Content Patrick Clark's role in the novel and importance to Paddy
Paddy's role model
Paddy's teacher
A source of knowledge
Paddy’s musical and literature influence

Paddy’s opinion of his father in the beginning
Head of the house
Loving father and husband

Different personalities which are shown through his:
Fights with ma
Cruelty towards children
His moodiness
When he agrees and disagrees with Ma
The loving, reassuring father
His humour
His drunkenness

During the course of the novel Paddy’s opinion of his father changes, he see him as an inflictor of violence and he is no longer Paddy’s role model

Due to Paddy’s emotional development he realises his father is beating his mother and this is reflected in the narrative of the novel

Paddy’s change in opinion of his father causes the reader to change their opinion of him also. At the beginning of the novel, the reader can only view the marital break down through the blurry, immature eyes of Paddy. As Paddy begins to grow and mature, only then can the reader view the whole story.
The first incident where Paddy begins to realise there is something wrong- "Sinbad won't eat his dinner"
Da blames her for spoiling him
"don't shout at him Paddy"
The reader charters their marital breakdown from an early stage in the novel. Attitude towards Paddy Junior; W.I.S.H Effect Effect on Paddy; As his role model, Patrick senior affects Paddy in many different ways.

As Paddy is going through the phase of idolising a priest curing lepers, his father takes thisoppurtunity to educate Paddy on lepers and makes up the fact that it must be "fifteen degrees hotter" in Ireland for lepers to exist. Humour:
Patrick introduces fun and laughter into Paddy's life. Although the audience can be blinded by the abuse with the mother, Patrick senior did sometimes resemble a loving father.

He teases ma when explaining to Paddy what a century was:
" Like your mother's birthday"

Patrick also possesses some of the qualities a normal father should have; " Usually he was fair and he listened when we were in trouble" Cruelty;
Patrick senior taught through fear, he used fear as a weapon to put the children in line.

Patrick is seen by his children as the main disiplinary, fearing the wrath of his anger; "The worst part was waiting to see if she'd tell my da when he'd come home"

Patrick is seen as uninterested in his children and opting out of the father role as Paddy explains " He'd be mean no and again, really mean for no reason." and also as he explains " He was really busy. He said. But he mostly sat in his chair" Paddy is beginning to recognise these qualities in his father and it must cause him great damage in his emotion development, feeling rejection from his own father.

As Paddy becomes older he starts to posess some of these qualities his father had, when using fear and abuse to control his friends. Effect on the novel;
Patrick senior is significant in the novel, as his relationship with the mother highlights Paddy's emotional development and the speed of which it grows as Paddy begins to notice the crumbling marriage before him. Effect on the reader;

The immdediate reaction from the reader towards Patrick Clarke is anger. Anger becuase of the abuse he put his wife and children through. Anger as his lack of interest towards his kinds. And anger becuase Paddy began to resemble his father through his cruelty towards Sinbad and his friends. Techniques
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