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The Snow Goose

No description

Dearbhaile Mc Ginnity

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of The Snow Goose

The Snow Goose

Frith meets Ryder
Frith finds a snow goose with a gun shot and desides to take it to a man all the villagers fear. His name is Phylip Ryder they fear him not because of his personality but his looks. He has a deformed hand and is hunchbacked. When she was taking the snow goose to him to g Frith was a little nervious meeting this man but ended up helping Ryder heal the wounded snow goose from this point on there friendship grows
The Snow Goose Departes
There friendship grew so strong and Frith's vists to the lighthouse became a regular occureance but this was all about to change as the snow goose migrates to the north and Friths vists became no more.

The snow goose returns
The snow goose returns a few years later and Frith now a woman started spending time with Ryder again. One day when she was with Ryder in the lighthouse healing a injured bird that flew to his santuary and she realised that she had fallen in love. So fear got the better of her and she ran away without saying goodbye
Ryder's dissapointing news
Main Characters
Ryder, a man with a deformed hand who lives in seclusion in an old lighthouse .

Frith, a girl from the village who found the snow goose.

The snow goose (Fritha)
To Frith this was just a normal day visiting Ryder but to Ryder it was a lot more than that. For World War 1 had begun and some Brittish troops had been stranded in dunkirk which would later be the greatest evacuation of history "The Evacuation Of Dunkirk" and every man with a boat was asked to help out
Off we go to Dunkirk
Ryder told Frith that he was going to help out with the evacuation and Frith said that she would go with him, but Ryder said no. F or her place on the boat would mean a soilder left behind then another, then anotherFrith begged and begged but no, she was not going Ryder left and a while after she was told of his death. He had got shot by the Germans. The snow goose returned
The Ending
After gathering the news of Ryder's death Frith returned to the lighthouse and took the picture that Ryder had painted the first time he saw Frith when she left the lighthouse the snow goose returntd. Circled the lighthouse twice and flew away. Only for the lighthouse to be blown up a couple of minutes later by a German war plane
Snow Geese in flight
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