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Interpersonal presentation

For effective management

Susan DelGiorno-Ream

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Interpersonal presentation

Interpersonal communication is a primary way to meet a range of human needs. (Wood, 2007, p 13) Why are strong interpersonal skills critical to
being an effective manager? "The job of becoming a competent, effective manager thus becomes one of understanding language and action."
(O'Rourke, 2013, p 1.) Reasons to become a better manager:
Be a good listener.
Deliver feedback without damaging relationships.
Effectively ask questions.
Improve boss interactions.
Preparing for interviews to select well.
Conducting performance appraisal.
Drawing feedback for improvement. interactive skills
people skills
face-to-face skills
social skills
social competence What are interpersonal skills? (Hayes, 2002, p 3) Put on a happy face.
Show that you care.
Be considerate of colleagues.
Be an active listener.
Promote togetherness.
Settle disputes.
Be a great communicator.
Make them laugh.
Put yourself in their shoes.
Don't be a whiner. Tips: allbusiness.com, 2012 A manager needs to pay attention to verbal
and non-verbal communication.
They must possess the ability to listen and
listen well.
This builds trust and respect. Managers act as liaisons. Baney, 2004, Introduction Communication.
Shareholders, employees, customers and others.
Strengths and weaknesses.
Improve skills and be alert to opportunities.
Role model.
Confidence. GUIDING PRINCIPLES Thank you and good luck, go be a an effective manager.
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