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7-Eleven Japan: Distributed Data and IT Infrastructure

This presentation was made for Management Information System class presentation December 6th 2010

ian hutomo

on 9 December 2010

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Transcript of 7-Eleven Japan: Distributed Data and IT Infrastructure

akhmad | alfira | anniesa
gayuh | ryan more than 12,000 stores
troughout Japan Open 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week
365 days a year 3 deliveries a day POS system Point of Sales sales information in every store. Hot-selling products
dead/slow selling products per Item Controlling 2006 SAP ERP complete distribution
supply chain 90% automatic stock O O Demand
Chain supply
chain Distributed System Information System Strategy POS system is not enough
Using POS result of hypothesis of potential Demand
IS dept focus: developing system fit business strategy
Outsource: information System Management Integrated
System October
6th 2006 HP
supported A World-Class Organization 7 millions customers a day 1927 - Dalas, Texas why
7-Eleven? Vision Mission Principles Integrity Accountability Recognition SEJ 1973 2/3 income 1/3 retails enterprise edition places
information ORACLE
Database 10g college bus stop primary school places of interest I-CARE Customer Focus Excellent Execution Mahasiswa Sistem informasi Fasilkom UI Business
Strategy maintain
the taste
freshness of foodstuffs Market Dominance distribution efficiency brand awareness system efficiency prevent competitors entrance franchise support service efficiencies advertising effectiveness integrated information system supporting logistic strategy Graphical Order Terminal (GOT)
scanner terminals
store computer
POS register Financial Services e-commerce Headquarters Information
Analysis System internet shopping public regional services in-store intellegent
copy machines IT Infrastructure 2 redundant HP Integrity Superdomes
application + database servers HP StorageWorks XP12000 Disk Array
storage processes. Close Relation with raw material and packaging supplier supply chain > 2500 billion yen
> 70 perfectures high availability,
variety of reasonable quality roducts, reasonable price innovative package of processed food thank you ianhutomo@gmail.com
cabe0907@hotmail.com prime.altaire@gmail.com
ryan.pradiptaputra@gmail.com wireless LAN & GOT Storewide connecting store & headquarter data centres
shared system between business partners, store owner, and ordering clerks hypotesis analysis among part-time workers Integrated Service Digital Network,
analyze POS Forecast (oracle)
Sytem High efficiency, maintainability, and reliability of the total network system Sophisticated analysis system eliminate intuitive decision-making Store information system encourages all strore staff to participate in ordering
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