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Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians lived by the Nile river.The Nile river is located in East Africa.Egypt is one of the most fertile areas of Africa,and also one of the most fertile countries around the mediterranean sea.

Nia Holmes

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt
The Egyptians lived beside the Nile river.The Nile River is located in East Africa.Egypt is one of the most fertile areas in Africa,and also one of the most fertile countries around the Mediterranean Sea.Because it is so fertile,people came to live in Egypt earlier than in most places,probably around 40,000 years ago, ARCHITECTURE
Pharohs built temples as homes for gods and goddesses.
Each one housed a holy statue which was cared for by priests as if it were alive.They washed it,clothed it,said prayers to it,burned incense for it,and left it gifts,food and drink every day.Temple dancers and musicians performed to please it and young women from noble families were offered to it as wives.Temples were decorated with statues and carvings displaying the Pharoh's achievements. ART
Many of the objects that tell
us how people lived in Ancient
Egypt we made by potters,
stone masons, and carpenters.
Most of the cloth was made by
spiiners and weavers. RELIGION
Every part of life in ancient Egypt
Birth and death and the flooding
of the Nile to the rising sun, was
subject to the gods.Religion spread
through all life..In early days,the people
worshiped the forces of nature.As towns
grew each had it's own sets of gods,often
shown in animal form,or later, with an
animal head.Horus,falcon headed god of
light was worshiped in one part of the delta;Hathor,
cow-headed goddess of love or women,ruled in Memphis.
The ancient Egyptians enjoyed life and wanted all their earthly pleasures in the afterlife.They believed that every person had vital spiritual parts.The Ka was the life forcecreated at earth and realized by death,the Ba was like the soul.In order to live forever,the Ka and Ba had to be united with the body after death,so it was important to preserve the corpse.Poor people were buried in the desert where the sand dried their bodies.Food,tools and jewlery were layed beside them for use in the kingdom of Osiris.The wealthy could afford to have their bodies mummified and placed with their posessions in special tombs.The coffins were enclosed in large stone boxes,which were later called sarcophagi,to protect them from tomb robbers or attacks from hungry wild animals. ORAL AND WRITTEN LANGUAGE
Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics for inscriptions
in the tombs and temples.Scribes would tell their sons that
to be a scribe is greater than any other profession.Student scribes
took up to 10 years to memorise the several hundred hieroglyphic signs.
They also had lessons on astronomy,mathematics,astrology,practical arts and
games and sports.Classroom discipline was strict and the teachers believed
that "the ears of a boy are on the back.He listens only when he is beaten."
The boys that did not become scribes followed their fathers' footsteps
becoming perhaps farmers or carpenters.Girls stayed at home and learned
music,dancing and housekeeping skills from their mothers.Scribes learned hieratic
writing for listing taxes,recording accounts,and hieroglyphics for writing on tomb
walls and monuments.
Most people in ancient Egypt lived in villages of sun baked brick houses crammed close together.These had square rooms with small windows and flat roofs that were often used for cooking.The rich,who were able to employ servants,lived in grander homes with gardens.Twice a day women fetched water and filled the huge clay vessels stood in the courtyard or by the doorway of every house.People had very little furniture,espicially in the poorer homes.Stools,beds and small tables were the most common pieces,chairs were a sign of importance.Ancient Egyptians usually married within their own social group.Girls became brides when they were about 12;boys married when they were about age 14.

People in ancient Egypt dressed in light linen clothing made from flax.Weavers used young plants to produce fine,almost see through fabric for the wealthy,but most people wore garments of coarser texture.The cloth was nearly almost white.Pleats,held in place with stiffening starch,were the main form of decoration,but sometimes a pattern of loose threads was woven into the cloth.Slaves or servants,who came from foreign lands,had dresses of patterned fabric.Men dressed in loin cloths knilts and tunic style shirts.Women had simple,ankle length sheet dresses with a shawl or cloak for cooler weather.Children usually wore nothing at all.Men and women,rich and poor,wore jewlery and used makeup,espicially eye paint.Everybody loved perfume and rubbed scented oils into their skin to protect it from harsh desert winds.The ancient Egyptians shaved all their body hair.However,some encouraged the hair on their heads by rubbing their scalps with ointments made from the fat of snakes,crocodiles and hippopotamuses.Face creams,eye paints,and body oils were kept in decorative glass,faience and pottery bottles and jars. HAIR
The wealthy had servants to launder their clothing ad style their wigs.Men and women paid great attention to their hair.Some clolured their long tresses with henna.Others shaved their head or cut their hair short.Wealthier Egyptians owned elaborate wigs made from human hair,which they wore for banquets and ceremonial occasions.Wigs also protected them from sunstroke.In later time,even village women wore wigs when they worked outside. JOBS
One of the jobs in ancient Egypt is a scribe.Scribes were very important.A scribe is a person that could read and write.They were very important because the goverment in ancient Egypt recorded alot of legal and buisness documents.One of the reasons they had a written language was because they wanted to start recording information.Alot of parents wanted to send their kids to scribal school where they could learn to read and write. NOBLEMEN
Noblemen helped the Pharoh run the country.
These people were the people that worked in the goverment.Noblemen held parties where women danced and musicians played instruments such as harps,flutes made of wood,cymbals and sistrums.Their families usually had their own garden next to their house like people do today.The wealthiest noblemen had a pond in their garden filled with water from the Nile coming through a little channel,and shade offered by palm trees.
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