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Sliding Filament Theory

No description

Neil Fitzjohn

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of Sliding Filament Theory

Sliding Filament Theory.
Huxley (1954)
Myofibrils:These run the length of the muscle fibre and make up much of its bulk. These are elements that contract and relax. Myofilaments: these contain thin filaments called actin (small thread like structures) and thick filaments called myosin. Myofilaments are c0ntained in functional units called sarcomeres. When the stimulus to contract is recieved by the muscle fibre, actin and myosin slide over each other decreasing the muscle length. When this process takes place in all the fibres at the same time, the muscle shortens. When the muscle needs
to move a greater force
(heavey dumbbell) more
sarcomeres are called in
to action. With more actin and myosin sliding over one another.
Active learning Now write a short paragraph describing (P), explaining (M) analysing (D) the process that takes place during Sliding Filament Theory.
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