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What was school like for me?

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Stephanie Young

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of What was school like for me?

All About School
Best Learning Experience
School has been a part of my life for the past 15 years. I have gone through many teachers. There will always be a few that will stand out to me. I learned different teaching styles and what not to do when teaching. School will always be with me, from past experiences to when I become an educator.
What was school like for me?
An Autobiography
By: Stephanie Young
I attended Ubly Community Schools for Kindergarten to 7th grade. I moved to Marine City and attended Marine City Middle School for 8th grade. 9th grade to the middle of 12th grade I attended Marine City High School. The rest of my 12th grade year I attended Ubly High School where I received my diploma.
School was a place where I focused on getting good grades. When I think of school, I think about textbooks, sports, and friends. School was a good time for me. I got good grades while being involved in sports. I also maintain a few friendships.
If I had to pick my best learning experience in school, it would be when I attended St. Clair TEC. The teacher was always pushing students to do their best. The class was also about how to be a teacher and really pulled me in. I enjoyed going to this class everyday. I learned to make my classroom environment a place where students want to come to everyday.
Worst Learning Experience
A bad learning experience I had during school was my Geometry class. I already hated the subject, but the teacher made almost impossible to pass. She did not explain problems when I asked. She made it difficult to learn. I learned to make any class I teach a place where learning is possible.
Favorite Teacher
I went through many teachers in my life. A favorite of mine was my Algebra teacher. We were able to ask questions when working on our homework during class. He would explain problems further if a student didn't understand. I learned to help and explain till everyone understands.
Least Favorite Teacher
If I had to pick my least favorite teacher, it would be my World History teacher. He was the coach of the baseball team and favored the baseball players. Our only assignments were projects, and he would just look at them and put a check mark. He also played movies for a lot of his lessons. I learned not to have favorite student. I need to spice up lessons and not use a lot of movies.
A Future
Metaphor For Teaching
My metaphor for teaching is "Teaching is like skipping stones and the ripples of water created are the infinite effects of teaching" I like this metaphor because when you teach a student, you hope it follows them and soon they can teach others.
A specific lesson I will take to my future classroom would be a reward system. In one of my classes a teacher gave us tickets for answers we got right, homework done, and when we did something good. At the end of the week, they drew a ticket and the winner would get a prize. I believe that a student will try to do better if they have a reward in the end.
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