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Should More Green Space Be Put Aside For Community use

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Andrew Davidson

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Should More Green Space Be Put Aside For Community use

Green Space in Parks
Should be Set Aside for
Community Uses BY: Andrew Davidson Some might say that they want
Green spaces in parks for their kids to play on. Well in my opinion I say no! Well in my opinion, I don't agree with this. I think that green spaces in parks should be set aside for community uses. I think this only because the amount of people I see in the park is very small. People would rather play video games and watch TV than play in the park. And I would love to see people in the park instead of playing video games or watching TV because it makes kids obese. But the sad thing is THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!!! We waited too late to stop obesity. See, the green space in parks has to be tended to, which cost money in which, WE DON'T HAVE. See if we put something there that would make money (instead of wasting it) our city could make more money to afford the cost of putting in a new mall, or a paint ball stadium, or a bigger and better Game Stop. And as I just said... These are things people like to do. Not go run, or exercise at the park. Average cost to run Yuba Cities Parks:
Regency Park: $50,000
Green Wood Park: $30,000
Hill crest Park: $10,000
Bogue Park: 10,000
Other Parks.: $50,000
Adds up to: $150,000 worth of money that can be used for so many better things. See how much money is spent (or wasted) on parks... And that isn't the worst of it... If you look at the prices over a decade... well ... It is big. It ads up to around $1,500,000 and with this we can do a lot. Not only will it make your city money... If every city joined it would get California out of some major debt. And did you know that California is in so much debt that they can assume that every family in California has around or over 18,000 dollars in debt? And do you know how many families are in California? And if every state did this it would relieve about 1/8 of are countries debt. And I know that this doesn't seem like a lot
but when you country is in 7000000000000
dollars of debt, it matters. And to close off this is a video And for some reason the video struck me as
she really didn't want to go to the park Here you go. Enjoy!
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