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My First Prezi

Its my first prezi

Juston Robson

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of My First Prezi

Sam is happy because he just went to a party. Everyone makes fun of Derik because he turned himself into a clock. Joe is sad because he lost his scissors. Sammy has a small amount of friends because most people don't wear sunglasses and he is too bright. Row is sad because he found the end of the world, and is afraid of falling down infinite holes forever and ever. Johnny is happy because he is going to go to the place he always wanted to, Pluto. His partner Bob does not want to go to space, he is afraid of heights. Did you know Pluto is smaller than Earth's moon? Hug is sad because he got his head stuck in between two buildings. Urty is happy, even though he looks sad, because he lives in a alternate universe where he lives upside down and his expressions are opposite. George is happy because he conquered a star. He is yet to know that stars are suns and suns will burn you. Wouldn't you feel yourself burning?

<--- George does not have the sense of feeling. This speck of dust is sad because nobody can see him, so he has no friends. Francis is sad because he tried to make a bridge to the end of the main slide, but failed. He is also sad because he wanted to be alone because he gets sad when he is embarrassed, and is embarrassed right now. Jower is happy because he gets to live in a top secret, out of main slide, very colorful space station with a tree. The tree does not like Jower, though. So he is sad. Todd is sad because he lives inside of a word. He hates words. He also hates dictionaries. Poor Todd. The princess in this book is happy because she does not have a yellow head like everyone else. Once upon a time, a princess ate a pickle. She liked pickles. The end. This pickle is sad because he gets eaten by the princess. Somebody left their phone on this building. The phone is not sad, though, because he gets to show you... Resources! Thanks to my randomness, so I could think up this Prezi. Thanks to the one site that gave me my one fact.

"Pluto Facts." - PlanetFacts.net. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Dec. 2012. Thanks to Prezi itself :P Oh! There is one last thing I have to tell you!
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