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TY Student Prezi

No description

James Q

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of TY Student Prezi

John Farrell and Aoife Murphy
Technology & Intellectual Property Law
3 traditional areas of IP law:
Trade marks

Other types
Trade Secrets
Introduction to IP Law
Trade marks
How private is your Facebook or Twitter?
Do you check your privacy settings?
Your Privacy Online
- Data Protection
Sample Clients
Rapid growth in technology over last decade has led to new issues.
Data Protection
File Sharing
Cyber Crime
Trade Marks Act, 1996

- Types of Trade Mark

- Jurisdictions:

Duration = 10 years, renewable indefinitely.
Monopoly rights in exchange for disclosing details
Google investigated
over Privacy Policy
Trade marks
Brand Worth....
$145 Billion
Literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works
No registration requirement
Life of author plus 70 years
Facebook paid $550 million to build up portfolio

Google paid $12.5 billion

Smartphone patents wars
Protects your personal data
Facebook investigated over data gathering practices
Your Data = $$$
Targeted Advertising
Protects creativity as opposed to
trade marks (marketing) &
patents (industrial innovation)
- Protects Inventions
- Monopoly right
- Duration:
Short (10 years)
Long (20 years)
SPC (25 years) - pharmaceutical industry
Trade Secrets
Not registered
No disclosure
NDA & Confidentiality
Risk v Reward
KFC - Secret Recipe

Handwritten recipe in a vault protected by motion detectors.

Only two people know the recipe (not allowed to travel by plane together).
One other knows the safe combination.
Produced by two separate companies.
Access to The Pirate Bay and KickAss Torrents blocked by Irish High Court
200,000 monthly Irish users
Copying/making available music/videos protected by copyright.
Online Cookies
Your Privacy Online
- Data Protection
Big Data - Target/Netflix
PRISM surveillance program
Technology & Commercial Contracts

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