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National 4 - Added Value Unit

No description

Louise Hill

on 9 May 2018

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Transcript of National 4 - Added Value Unit

Physical Education National 4
(Added Value Unit)

A warm-up consists of a whole body exercise before physical activity to raise heart rate and body temperature, stretching to prepare muscles, ligaments and joints and practicing skills and techniques to be used in an activity.

There are 3 main parts:
Pulse Raiser
Skill Practice
Physical Education
National 4 (Added Value Unit)

Prepare for and carry out performance
Demonstrate that you have undertaken relevant preparation for your performance in relation to one factor (mental, emotional, social or physical)
Observation of you carrying out preparations for your performance, such as a
Pulse Raiser
Skills Practice
A pulse raiser, this is usually a jog, but can be anything from skipping to biking at a low intensity, however it’s always a good idea to perform a warm-up which is most similar in terms of movement patterns to the sport you are preparing for.
The final part of a warm up usually involves a skill rehearsal related to the activity, for example before a football match a standard warm up would end in something related to football, i.e passing.
Stretching is an essential part of any warm up, to prepare muscles, ligaments and joints. There are two methods of stretching used in warm up, static and dynamic.
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