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307 Marketing 2013

Matt Leiv

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Bento-To-Go

BENTO-TO-GO Keya Agarwal, SeungWoo Eun,
Matt Leiv, Ashley Miyasaki, Mehrad Moeini NEED Distribution Food Truck Characteristics Food Trucks! Promotion Plans and Product Execution Healthy Affordable Meals for Every Dietary Need
The meals will also be customized according to different diets:
Lactose free
Gluten free
Non-vegetarian/Athlete (high protein) Objective To cater to busy college students who require healthy, nutritious and affordable meals on the go. Stainless Steel Box Recycling depositories located campus wide
For one-time customers
No initial investment, but you pay $0.25 each time
Compostable plastic Natural and fresh
Variety of portion sizes
Customized to dietary needs
Eco-friendly Healthy
Nutritious and gourmet
More variety Benefits Traits and Attributes PRODUCT For frequent customers
One time investment
Exchange it for a fresh box each time.
Eco-friendly Disposable/Recyclable box Health-conscious university students with specific dietary needs
Tech savvy
Convenience oriented Target Customer’s Characteristics Dietary Requirements – Kosher, Vegetarian etc.
Quick and convenient
Close to campus
Can be taken on the go Meeting Customer’s Needs iPhone app
Proximity to target locations
Peak traffic times
Daily specials Green Truck

“Green is the New Black”

“..healing our planet
one meal at a time!” Weaknesses Strengths SWOT Analysis Threats Expand to other campuses and Downtown LA
Get a truck on Trousdale
Sell the food product to Trader Joe's, Fresh and Easy, and Whole foods
Expansion into food delivery services (catering to on campus associations) Opportunities Not enough healthy food options for students at USC
The existing options are also quite expensive
The variety is very limited
Students with dietary limitations are further restricted Untapped Market Competitors More affordable
A complete meal in a durable container
Healthier than other available options
Caters toward specific dietary needs
Greater variety Why our Product? THE COMPANY Lower overhead - food truck
More gourmet than on campus options
Fills niche market segment
More competitive pricing than other health food competitors (e.g. Seeds, Fresh and Easy, and Lemonade) Competitive Advantage Successful Distribution Convenience of phone ordering between classes
Easily accessible product location Affordable
Customized for dietary needs
Great variety (different specials)
Eco-friendly Not centrally located on campus
Stainless-steel box is expensive
Could get crowded with just one truck Other food trucks in close proximity
Idea being stolen by Seeds or other competitors that see a great opportunity
Word may not spread about the food trucks Free samples at target locations
Event sponsorship
Premium green oriented product appeals to market
Member loyalty program & card
Referral program
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