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Zsofia's Prezume

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Tooth Fairy

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Zsofia's Prezume

FINISH? lnkd.in/Z5n5w5 zsofiadiana.szalay@gmail.com Select player! Visual expression Communication START Welcome! Let's have a quick walkthrough of
my Prezume. Zs fia Diana The Mouse. QA BA as Prezi designer. Zsofia is a name derived from σοφία, the Greek word for "Wisdom." I am clever. I fight for what I believe in. Diana is originated from Roman mythology, the Goddess of the hunt. I have a passion for games. Do you think VISUAL COMMUNICATION was already used in the Middle Ages? Have a look at my MA Thesis on visual communication in the Tudor age. in English language and culture Photography
3D modeling since 2003 And what I am the most proud of... is managing and building a community for creative thinkers, doers and dreamers Known as the
Hungarian Tolkien Society for now is the work with the bunch of youngsters as their art team leader in our two-week Tolkien summer camp this year. was preparing
for weeks to work out how to teach people the language of sight who are new to visual expression.
And making the whole fit into a fantasy theme:
The Illusionists Game industry QA http://mtttabor2012.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/a-latvanyalkotasrol/#more-205 I Even if there were difficulties and
SCARY moments sometimes. In a nutshell:
Start with inanimate objects - paper montage
Then include what is around us - trees, grass, mud, buildings, furniture
And let's work on people - body painting, costumes
Finally make it a complex visual expression with the help of drama, music and movement. It was a colourful experience for all of us. We became a good team, tied together. It was great to teach creative thinking and to see today that the guys use what they learned there. Let's escalate fantasy! tolkien.hu IT geek About me...or nomen est omen: I am currently working for: Quality assurance
Web applications
Usability review
UI evaluation
Present team's work to business Business Analyst
Finding out users' needs
Writing software requirements
Promote user-centered design I started my professional career in 2010 in the Role playing games
Live games
Board games
Videogames I love photography. I make portraits. applegathering.wordpress.com Reading articles and updates on webdesign
Taking online courses in Gamification and
Human-Computer interaction Storyteller & player Organizing Live RPG event for friends Have you tried Arkham Horror based on Lovecraft's world? Brilliant game. PC & iPad, adventure, social, puzzle I am deeply interested in the User Experience UX With all my previous experience and skills I would really like to work with you I started my professional career in 2010 in the as Digital Reality PC & iPad, social, puzzle and adventure and My favourite piece of work
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