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Nail Bar Business Plan

No description

Ayana Gunn

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Nail Bar Business Plan

Snazzy Snazzy Nail Bar A Business Plan
by: Ayana Gunn . The nail industry is a supply and demand business. Women, men and teenagers from throughout the U. S. are requesting quality nail salon services in an array of styles. Maicures, pedicures, gel wraps and other styles are requested on a daily basis in the nail industry.
Snazzy Snazzy Nail Bar will offer these services with the format of always being creative and innovative. We look forward to growing into a franchise opportunity for new owners in the future. PRODUCTS SERVED Snazzy Snazzy Nail Bar offers a variety of colors for different styles of nails. Not only do we have these colors, we sell them. Snazzy also offers spa treatment supplies for your at-home use as well spa treatment in our facility. Waxes are highly demanded in nail salons so we will also offer that as well. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CRITICAL NEEDS OF THE NAIL MARKET INDUSTRY
The nail industry is a multi-million dollar industry. Professional clients, college students, high schoolers, an everyday soccer mons all demand to have beautiful nails as a part of their daily attire. Definition of Market Business Description and Vision Snazzy Snazzy Nail Bar is a nail salon located in Savannah, GA which will offer it's services to all. We are a non-traditional nail salon who will not only offer majority of it's services to women but also widely provide nail and skin care especially for men and children. Starting off, the company will only have five to eight employees who are experienced in cosmetology with previous work experience in the identical work field. After the company brings in more clients, more employees are in the plan. Discounts and offers will be given monthly to clients and we will also be active in the community to reach new clientelle in different communities.
MISSION STATEMENT: To ensure all clients are more than satisfied and leave feeling like a rejuvenated star!
COMPANY VISION: To raise the bar in excellence of a traditional nail salon by showcasing quality professionalism and excellent client services. BUSINESS GOALS AND OBJECTIVES To open a profitable nail salon business in 2013 that will provide services to the general public in Savannah, GA and surrounding communities. Snazzy Snazzy's Company Principals Ayana Gunn, President/CEO
Patt Gunn, Treasurer/CFO OUR TARGET MARKET
Our targeted market will be professional women, students and housewives. Additonally, we will provide a "celebrity gift package" for local tourists in Savannah's hotels and bed and breakfast establishments.
Our professional clients are women between the ages of 24 and 50 years of age who work within atwenty mile radius of our salon. We will provide services to all high school seniors that need our services for all of their special events during their final year - dances, pictures, homecoming and proms. Working mothers and soccer moms will make up at lease 25% of our targeted market group of clients. These are all clients that desire and deserve an "escape" to a beautful nail bar where relaxation and quality services reside.
Snazzy Snazzy's Nail Bar has a goal of securing 25% of the overall market share of the local nail industry in Savannah in 2013-2014. We project a market share increase of 5% annually. ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT
Snazzy Snazzy Nail Bar's President and proprietor is Ayana Gunn. Ms Gunn is the Chief Executive Officer, followed by our Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer Patt Gunn. We have a Supervisor of Nai Technicians, 6 additional technicians, a receptionist and two student interns. We are legally structures as a sole proprietor business. We have a full staff of licensed nail technicians and have a City of Savanah business license and registration with the Georgia Department of Revenue for our {state} tax deductions. We have also received our IRS federal employer identification number for the establishment of our business bank accounts.
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