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Peer Pressure

By: Levi, Taylor, and Mecca

Levi Weible

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Peer Pressure

Effects of Good
Peer Pressure Bad Peer Pressure Good Peer Pressure Definition of Peer
Pressure Peer Pressure~
1)To be influenced by one's peer group

2)Pressure of one's group to take a certain action Effects of Bad
Peer Pressure Suicide
Loosing loved ones and close
Bad habits for the rest of your
life. Good Grades
Good mood and mentality
Accomplishing more
Higher self-esteem
Closer relationship with
and friends By: Levi, Taylor, and Mecca -Pressuring Somebody To:
Do drugs and drink alcohol
Change one's eating habits
Not study
Bully somebody
-Telling one of your peers
to do something bad Rules 1. No talking while the peer leaders are talking.
2. Only answer when you're called on
3. Listen to your peer leaders
4.Be respectful and courteous
5. All your other classroom rules apply. GAME TIME!!!!!!!! -Pressuring Somebody To:
Study for a test
Try something new
Do community service
Commit kind acts towards others
-Telling one of your peers to do something positive ~Scenario 1 -You and your friends want to see a movie premiere at midnight, but one of your friend's can't go because their parents won't allow them to go. Do you leave them and go or do you beg them to come with you? ~Scenario 2 ~Scenario 3 -Your friends have decided to smoke some weed after school. They want you to join them. Do you go with them after school or do you go home? -One of your friends has failed an exam and wants to give up in the class because he is discouraged and never liked the subject in the first place. Do you convince him to stay and study more or do you let him give up and fail? http://spongebob.nick.com/videos/clip/100great-hooky-clip.html VIDEO TIME!!!!!!!! How To Avoid and Deal with Bad Peer Pressure ~Say NO!!!
~Change subject
~Walk away
~My mom said no
~Explain why you don't want to do it/ why they shouldn't do it.
~Make a joke out of it
~Know your own limits Agenda: Definition of peer pressure
Bad Peer Pressure
Saying no
Good and bad effects of peer pressure
Good peer pressure
Summary To sum it all up, peer pressure is a part of daily life that you, as a middle school student, have to experience. Avoiding bad peer pressure can help your self-esteem and lead you to the path of success. Both good and bad peer pressure have long term effects that can impact you either negatively or positively. It is all up to YOU to be aware of your future and handle situations with maturity.
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