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Ahsan Rashid

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Java

The Opportunity
How Is It Canadian?
Java was created by Canadian computer scientist, James Gosling who is considered the father of Java.
Gosling was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta where he received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Calgary
Gosling has received the Order of Canada medal for his work in creating Java.
The Order of Canada honor is the second highest in Canada.
The Innovation
Java is a programming language and software platform that allows people to create websites and software easily
The innovation in this product is its simplicity to run on any computer
James Gosling wanted a program that would follow the
"Write Once, Run Anywhere"
mentality. So he created Java with the ability to work on cross-platforms.
Java Today
Java is still used today in android apps, software tools, trading applications and big data technologies to name a few.
It is basically, in every computer running small and large applications, with ease and efficiency
Java is a coding program that runs programs that allow you to play games, upload images, chat, and banking to name a few.
The simplicity and convenience of Java allows it to work on every computer.
Programming Software
By Ahsan and Zaki
Before this program was made, C++ was used to code. The creator of C++ is Bjarne Stroustrupe. C++ was very complicated but powerful compared to the previous coding programs, so there were less programmers who could use it. The reason he created C++ like this was because there were a lot of programmers in the market and they were not payed as much as they used to be when there weren't as many programmers.
Order of Canada honour
What is Java?
How was Java created?
Need to be able to code like a Boss!
More than 3 billion computers run Java
Java was created because James Gosling, the creator of Java, and his team at Sun Microsystems (called the green team) believed that the next wave in computing was the union of digital devices. Java allowed them to do this.
The alternatives people had before Java was created, were C++, Cobalt
Whenever the java puzzle piece shows up while watching videos or uploading something you know java is running in the background
Computer scientists at Sun Microsytems created Java by using C++ coding, but with more simple syntax and faster running times. They had to be excellent at coding, math, and be able to solve small problems in syntax. The versatility in the program allowed programs to run even if they didn't have the correct syntax.
Interesting Facts
James Gosling
Java was first launched in 1995 with a lot of popularity because it promised
Write Once, Run Anywhere.
Java is a
programming language
along with a
software platform
that allows programs to run.
Java has always been
to download which has made it popular.
Android OS is relatively based on Java and uses a lot of Java related technology.
Duke used to be Java's mascot
On April 20, 2009, Sun Microsystems and Oracle Corporation had announced that Oracle would buy Sun Microsystems for 7.4 billion dollars. They were originally going to buy it for 5.4 billion dollars but IBM raised the price by budding into the deal
Java is also constantly updated as you may have already experienced this when asked to update Java player on your computer.
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