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Coffee, Snacks, Worms

No description

Jagnoor Grewal

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Coffee, Snacks, Worms

Coffee, Snacks, Worms

Jagnoor, Prabhjeet, Charu & Aliyah
The dream that was real
The Face Behind the Mask
By: Charu Singh
Bank Notes, Day Jobs, Fresh Starts
Protagonist & Antagonist
Kate is very brave and wise.

She stands up to the robber who had a knife

She is able to convince him that stealing from her wouldn't be a good idea and he could get caught
The boy/robber is desperate and courageous.
a young boy tries to rob the shop
threatens to cut her if she doesn't give him the money
Kate realizes that the boy is serious
After he threatens her
Mood & Theme
What We Would Call this Short Story?
It is always good to stay calm in intense situations
By: Karleen Bradford
Needs money so badly that he is willing to steal it
Takes a large risk
By : Aliyah Khan
Kate works at her family snack shop
A young boy threatens Kate with a knife
He attempts robbery
Kate gives advice to the boy
Snack bar connected to their home
small with few tables
fridge with worms
Inciting Incident
Kate is left alone managing the shop.
Kindness can really help someone.

Words Can Change Crime
Sequel Summary
Main Characters: Kate and Kevin (the boy who tried to rob her store)
They both fall in love .
Kevin was not good for Kate through certain things.
Kate learns he is not trust worthy.
Why a Sequel?
Interested to write sequel.
Wanted to think critically what will happen after the story.

The boy is grown up
Works at a bank
Faces a situation similar to when he was a teenager
Why a Sequel?
Felt readers should find out what happens to the boy
Show how far the boy has come
Kate and Steve (the boy who tried to rob the shop) are placed in a situation similar to when Steve tried to rob Kate's store.
Why a Squeal?
-Wanted to show how Steve changed
-Felt like there was more information to build on to make a sequal
By: Prabhjeet Layal
Evil to Good
Kate is in love with her life after the incident
She feels loved, thanked, and actually believes shes getting somewhere in life
She receives a scholarship to her dream university
Jagnoor Grewal
Why A Sequel
To know more about Kate
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