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Just Wash Your Hands

No description

Caitlin Kane

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Just Wash Your Hands

Moment 3
After Body Fluid Exposure Risk: this step included glove removal and ensured that the medical staff member was protected against harmful bacteria and viruses
Moment 4
After Contact With a Patient or with the Patient's Environment.
Thank You!
The Problem
Low hand washing compliance
Expert Power
Legitimate Power
Reward Power
Action Plan
Power And Influence
Just Clean Your Hands
Realistic Applications
Scoring System
Sean Cook, Caitlin Kane, Brittany Maddox, Jaime Seaman
1. Post information to increase general knowledge and improve efficacy

2. Designate department "Captains"
3. Organize and hold workshops to inform non medical staff and volunteers, in addition to medical staff

4. Distribute surveys to all staff, and visitors, when possible and appropriate
5. Hold seminars to further awareness and inform of program details

6. Analyze data, make alterations where necessary
7. Set department SMART goals

8. Implement observer scoring system
Interpret &
9. Reevaluate goals and strategies following implementation of scoring system

10. Make necessary changes to scoring system or program to correct any issues found
Prior Successes
Engaging Student Volunteers
Information Power
Reward Power
Expectancy Theory
Goal Setting Theory
Four Key Moment in Handwashing
Health Care Experts have identified 4 Key Moments to handwashing: they are described as the following
Moment 1
Before Initial Contact With a patient or with the patients environment: including furniture, clothing, medical devices, telephones and any personal items. This Moment is to protect the patient from harmful micro-organisms Carried on a staff member's hand
Moment 2
Before Surgical Procedures. This step helped prevent germs that were on the health-care Worker or the patient from entering in the patient's body.
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