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Creation Myths Compare/Contrast

English class project Due: end of quarter

Rohit Ramnani

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Creation Myths Compare/Contrast

Comparing & Contrasting
Creation Myths By Rohit Ramnani Greek Creation Myth Nyx lays a golden egg and Eros (god of love) hatched
from it. One half of the egg becomes the sky
(Uranus) and the other becomes Gaia (Earth). Eros
made them fall in love. Uranus and Gaia's son Kronus has children. Afraid of their power,
Kronus swallows them. His wife Rhea, couldn't see this so she
gave Kronus a rock wrapped in clothes instead of her son Zeus. Zeus grew up and tricked Kronus into
throwing up his swallowed children.
Zeus and the Olympians overthrew
Kronus and the Titans. With Zeus
became laeader and the gods began to
furnish Gaia with life and Uranus with
stars. Japanese Creation Myth The germ of life split into the muddy
ocean and the sky. A Green shoot grows
from the ocean and becomes a god.
The god created the gods Izanagi and
Izanami. Earth Germ of Life Izunagi threw his staff in the water and pulled out clumps of mud which becam the islands of Japan. Izanagi and Izanami had children, the sun, Tsuki-yami (moon), Susano'o (storms), and Amaterasu (the first emperor of Japan). (Diagram not up to scale) Before the world was created, there was a floating island where the sky people lived. No one ever was born, died, or experienced sadness. A Sky Woman was going to have twins, which angered her husband. He created a hole by pulling the tree of light out and pushed her into the water inside. Two birds saved the Sky Woman from falling in the water and brought to the other animals. The Little Toad brought a mud from the ocean and the animals spread it on the Big Turtle, creating North America. The Sky Woman gave birth to two sons, Sapling (good) and Flint (evil). Sapling made animals that are useful to humans, rivers that flowed two ways, fish with no bones, and plants humans could eat easily. Flint destroyed some of Sapling's work. He made rivers flow one way. He put bones in fishes and thorns in berry bushes. He created Winter, but Sapling created Spring. Sapling drove Flint underground. When Flint's angry, a volcano erupts.
comparing & Contrasting All the three religions are polytheistic. Historians could not record the exact number of Greek gods, which include 12 olypians, 33 Titans, 15 primordial gods, and giants. The Japanese believed in about 8 million kami (spirits). The Greek Gods were mostly very impulsive,
selfish, greedy, and full of anger. The Japanese
and Iroquois gods were very calm (with the
exception of Susano'o and Flint). Iroquois Creation Myth The Greek gods had a god(dess) for EVERYTHING, from
the seas (Posiden) to retribution (Nemesis). The Japanese
and Iroquois had fewer. Quiz 1. How many gods the the ancient Greeks
have???? 2. According to Japanese mythology, what
created the world??? 3. Why was the Sky Woman's husband angry at her??? 4. How was land created according to Japanese
mythology??? 5. Where did the immortals live???
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