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Spanish Classroom Procedures

No description

Christina Devon

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of Spanish Classroom Procedures

Routines in Spanish Class
Rutinas en la clase de Espanol
How to Enter the classroom
Como entrar la clase
1. Enter quietly and take your seat. Look at the promethean board for the day's BOCA (beginning of class assignment) and agenda
2. Prepare for class. Get out your books and agenda. Put everything else under your desk.
3. If you are late, you need a pass.
Acceptable passes are from:
a. another teacher
b. the office
c. the nurse

*Without a pass, you will be counted late. If you have a lot of tardies, I will contact your parents.
Routines during class
Rutinas durante la clase
1. Turning in work
You will receive a Homework Sheet at the beginning of each week that will have your homework choices listed. You will either email your homework assignments to me at cdevon@greenville.k12.sc.us or turn them into the correct drawer for your class period (located by my desk.)
You must be sure to circle the assignments you did on your sheet and turn it in with your homework assignments.
Homework Sheets
Como pasar los papeles
(How to pass papers)
DO not HAND the paper to the person, PLACE it on his or her desk.
1. Place your paper on the desk of the student NEXT to you.
2. Add your paper to the stack and place the stack of papers on the desk of the student next to you.
3. I will pick up the stacks of papers at the end of each row.
¡Silencio por favor!
(Quiet please!)
The quiet signal
1. I will hold up my hand.
2. I will count from 5 to 1 in Spanish.
3. When I finish counting down, the class should be quiet and everyone should be looking at me!
Routines at the end of class
Rutinas al final de la clase
1. You will be in your seat and will have your belongings on your desk.
If the item belongs to another student, please return it to him or her.
If you don't know whose the item is, please raise your hand and I will show it to the class to find out whose it is.
If the item is TRASH, please wait until you are on your way out the door to throw it away.
2. Check underneath and around your seat for any misplaced items (books, pencils, paper, etc.)
Dismissal from class
3. ¡Adios!
When the classroom is completely neat and ready for the next class, you will be dismissed by groups. Quietest goes first!
when I point to your group and say "¡Adios!" that is your signal that you may leave.
How we will go to lunch each day
La cafeteria
(the cafeteria)
1. When it's time to leave for lunch, we will pause whatever we are working on.
2. We will form a line quietly. Only when the class is completely quiet will we leave for lunch.
3. We will walk quietly down the hall to the cafeteria. If someone talks, we will have to stop and wait for them to stop. We will do this as long as it takes to get it right!
Most of your classwork will be done in your ILN
However, sometimes I will have you do assignments on a separate half sheet of paper.
In this case, a group leader will collect the assignments and turn them into the correct drawer for your class period.
I will give you a due date - you are expected to finish by that date.
Most projects will be done in class and I will give you specific instructions for turning them in.
If you need something during class:
~if you need the restroom, just wait until there is a break in class and ask me - please do NOT ask during first 10 minutes, because I will have to say no
~during class, if you have an emergency, raise your hand and let me know
~if you feel sick: Please just grab the trashcan and go immediately to the nurse. I will probably send a buddy after you because I know what happened.
you can continue to sit where you like - remember this is a privilege that can be taken away
every once in a while, you may get a treat like candy or stickers!
Book bags!
~you will get your book bag when you have been dismissed.
~if you have NOT been dismissed, you should remain in your seat
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