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"The Metaphor"

A prezi describing the short story, "The Metaphor"

Brendan Pryde

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of "The Metaphor"

By Brendan Pryde,
Connor Lew,
Jared Jang,
Conner Lang,
and Cheng Yan "The Metaphor" SETTING Our Review PHYSICAL Chronological Setting Elementary school student (age 13). High school student (age 16). Charlotte is home during both time periods.

The trophy given to Miss Hancock shows "For you and Hamlet with love. The grade 7 class of 1965 Mood Sad, Sense of uneasiness,Regret, Despair, Sorrow Literary Terms Dramatic Irony: Dramatic irony is used because Miss Hancock tried to live because of the school however she died because of it.

Symbolism: Symbolism is used through the metaphors throughout the story. For example, when Charlotte writes a metaphor about Miss Hancock, she symbolizes that she is “…a birthday cake…”

Realism: Realism is used throughout the story through realistic situations and people, Things such as school, girl drama and parent problems.

Contrast: Contrasts is used throughout Charlotte’s mom and Miss Hancock. An example is how Miss Hancock is “plump… unmarried and overenthusiastic…” whereas Charlotte’s mother is seen as emotionless and flawless.

Dilemma: A dilemma is formed in the book when Charlotte is choosing between becoming a friend to Miss Hancock in High School, or to try and blend in with the High School Kids. Point of View In the story "The Metaphor” the story is told in first person omniscient, in this case, Charlotte’s point of view. Theme The overall theme that this story tells is that you must always acknowledge a person know matter how he or she acts. There can be devastating consequences if you treat someone the wrong way, in this case Mrs. Hancock was killed by a bus even though it may not have been intentional. Charlotte after not treating her well felt poorly about it, believing that Mrs. Hancock killed herself because of her. Plot "The Metaphor" by Budge Wilson begins with an Elementary school teacher, named Miss Hancock, showing her wonderful young English class the power of the Metaphor. Her teachings inspire a young girl who goes by the name of Charlotte. Charlotte uses her new gift to describe various people in her life in the most detailed manner, like her mother, who is very judgemental and cold.
Three years later Miss Hancock gets promoted and becomes a high school teacher at the same high school as Charlotte. Unfortunately, the stress of her new job prompts Miss Hancock to commit suicide, leaving Charlotte torn and depressed. Charlotte at that moment, writes her last metaphor in honor of her late teacher. The Climax Main conflict Le denouement Author: Budge Wilson Subplot: Charlotte's family and social life before the transition to high school. The main conflict is person vs self. Charlotte is given many different role models and inspirations to choose from. For example, her mother's ideals are scarcely different from her teachers or her peers. Her unwise life decisions, such as struggling to decide whether to support Miss Hancock in high school or not, places said person in harm. The climax is represented shortly after the conversation between Charlotte and Miss Hancock. It is when Miss Hancock decides to take her own life by stepping in front of a school bus. This results in the denouement shortly after. The denouement is when Charlotte has "...periods of uncontrollable weeping" (232) over the loss of her English teacher. She blames herself for the tragedy and the mother doesn't show a shred of sympathy. Charlotte then writes a metaphor in honor of Miss Hancock as a tribute to her legacy. 1.The Elementary School -Being taught the metaphor
2.Arrival at home - Comes home after to speak in monologue
3.Junior high school - Brief discussion of it
4.High School - Discussing her classes and shock of seeing Miss Hancock
5.Returning home - Charlotte becomes depressed Character Main Characters:
• Charlotte
• Miss Hancock
• Charlotte’s Mom

Minor Characters:
• Charlotte’s best friend Julia Parsons
• Charlotte’s father
• Charlotte’s peers Character types:
- Charlotte is a dynamic and round character
- Charlotte’s Mom is a static and flat character
- Miss Hancock is a static and round character Protagonist: Charlotte
• The story revolves around Charlotte and the decision she makes hasbig impacts on the story. Antagonist: Charlotte’s mom

• Charlotte’s mom is always against Charlotte, her teachers and peers.
Charlotte’s mom shows no emotion to others. Miss Hancock and Charlotte’s mom are foil characters because they are opposites in personality and physical appearance, they both fill Charlotte’s head with different ideas and motives.

Miss Hancock looks physically out of shape and flamboyant. Charlotte’s
mom is tall and physically in shape. At first one would assume that
Charlotte’s mom is the better role model for Charlotte but Charlotte’s mom
is an emotionless and judgmental person. Miss Hancock has a kind and
caring personality, which makes her more likeable than Charlotte’s mom.
Physical shape does not always define a person, its how they act to others
that makes them special as displayed through Miss Hancock and Charlotte’s
mom, looks can be deceiving indeed. FOIL: MOTIVATION: Charlotte:She wishes to express her feeling about her mom through writing and wanting to get away from her mom as much as possible is Charlotte’s motivation.

Miss Hancock:Teaching her students to be successful and getting the feeling of being liked and respected by others is Miss Hancock’s motivation. When Charlotte was in grade 7, she was happy to go to Miss Hancock’s class. In this class Charlotte was able to express her feelings through writing and Miss Hancock was always there to support Charlotte when she need it.

When Charlotte started high school, her peers had a big influence on how Charlotte acts to others, this is shown when Charlotte decides to ignore and not talk to Miss Hancock.

Charlotte’s mom doesn’t change in the story; she wishes that everything be perfect. Charlotte’s mom believes, “ A sure and perfect control is what separates the civilized from the uncivilized.”

Miss Hancock is a round character because we know a lot about throughout
the story, but on the other hand she is also a static character because she was
not able to adapt to teaching in high school. CHANGES: THANK YOU!
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