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Cultural Landscape Field Study

For AP Human Geography-Kevins awesome

Alexandria Budd

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Cultural Landscape Field Study

Cobb County Cultural Landscape Field Study

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Residential Housing
Housing in Cobb County comes in many different forms. You will be seeing bungalow, ranch, and irregular massed style homes.
Ethnic, Southern cuisine is what makes up the heart of the South.
Monuments in Cobb County usually serve very important purposes. They can represent the people that have influenced Cobb, or they can represent the Civil War.
Religious Institutions
Georgia is in the Bible Belt, and we can see why. There are 309 and counting churches in Cobb County alone; and if you look around a corner there's probably a sign that says "Church Coming Soon."
iMovie & Interviews
A bungalow is a one and a half story house that usually sits on a narrow lot and is more deep than wide. This photo was taken on Main St. In Marietta.
An irregular massed home is either in the shape of a L or a T. This home is L shaped and was taken in Marietta, GA
Irregular Massed
A ranch home is one story tall and sits on a large lot. It can possibly have a picket fence. This was taken on Whitlock Avenue in Marieta.
Pictures of Cobb County that depict the cultural landscape
Marietta Pizza Company
MPC is located in the heart of the Marietta Square. We chose it for one of our restaurants because it is a food staple of Marietta and a popular ethnic place.
The MFM is literally the best place ever. It has the best mix of all cultures in Cobb County, including people with Southern tastes, high end tastes and anywhere in between.
Marietta Fish Market
Miss Mamie's Cupcakes
Miss Mamie's Cupcakery is located right off of the Marietta Square and it is one of a kind. It is a restaurant that encompasses true southern desserts.

Dave Poe's is a tiny little barbeque place right next to Kroger on Whitlock road in Marietta. BBQ is an American staple of the South.
Dave Poe's BBQ
Clay was a city council member, an US Representative, and a spokesman for Cobb County for many years. His statue sits in the heart of the Marietta Square.
Alexander Stephens Clay
By Alexandria Budd
Buildings in Cobb County can be used for many unique purposes. Theaters, convention centers and concert venues are just some examples.
Placelessness is defined as the loss of uniqueness in the cultural landscape. This means that there are a lot of one shop and they all look alike.
This bell was dedicated to the citizens and members of Cobb County that assisted in the Glover Park Restoration
At the cemetery we saw a monument standing for all the fallen soldiers. We learned about cemeteries in class and how they are such a big deal here. Americans are very elaborate when it comes to funerals and that was evident from this monument.
Marietta Cemetery
In Marietta Square, there were plenty of antique shops to choose from. Some of them, like Dupre's, have antiques from the early 1800's.
Dupre's Antiques; downtown Marietta
Queens Antiques Gallery; downtown Marietta.
Wild Blossoms Antiques; Main St. Acworth
The Cobb Energy Centre is used for concerts, weddings, convention meetings, cheer competitions and more.
Cobb Energy Centre
The Strand, located in the Marietta Square, is a old movie theater. It was first opened in 1935, then closed in 1976 for 33 years before its grand re-opening in 2009.
The Strand
The MMOA is in a renovated classical revival building that was originally the Cobb County United Post Office.
Marietta Museum of Art
Kennesaw United Methodist Church. It has flying buttresses and stained glass windows.
Marietta First Baptist Church. It is the oldest church in Marietta and has columns.
Subway; corner of Hamilton & Due West.
CVS Pharmacy; at the Corner of Due West & Kennesaw Due West
Strip Mall; corner of Hamilton Road and Kennesaw Due West
McDonalds; Barrett Parkway
Starbucks (by the way, there's 27 starbucks in Cobb County alone)
Acworth Christian Church; Main St. in Acworth
A Victorian house is categorized by having an asymmetrical facade and a steep roof line. It is normally a specific set of colors and has fancy decorations on the edges of the house. Main St, Acworth
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