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Introduction to Functional Skills Maths

No description

Emma Mushens

on 2 September 2017

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Transcript of Introduction to Functional Skills Maths

GCSE Maths
Why do you need to do Maths?
Harris, S; September 2014, Daily Mail
What levels do we do?
Entry Levels 1, 2 & 3
Levels 1 & 2

What does the course involve?
Which level will you do?
Your tutor will discuss this with you and it will be decided based on:
GCSE grades
diagnostic results
level checker
the standard of your work in the first few lessons
What will the course involve?
1 lesson a week for 3 hours
There will be a short break in the middle of the lesson
You will be expected to do independent revision and exam practice at home

Lessons will involve a mixture of:
-practical tasks
-practice questions
Each week a different topic will be covered, including:
There will also be review sessions every 6 weeks to assess each individuals progress. This will include practice and mock exams.
How will you be assessed?
Entry Level
Level 1 & 2
Paper Based
1hour and 30 mins
You need to get approx 60-65% of the marks to pass.
Paper based
Entry 1 &2= 1 hour
Entry 3=1hour and 30mins
You need to get 75% of the question correct to pass- this is the same as 15 out of 20
It will be completed in class with your tutor.
Calculators are allowed.
Has to be taken at specific times.
Calculators are allowed.
Name Game
1. Write your first name
2. Now find the numbers that match the letters in your name
3. Add up the score
4. Arrange your-selves in order from lowest score to highest
5. Tell me your name, one interesting thing about your-self and one thing you like about Maths
Where do you use Maths at work and
in everyday life?

Challenge Question!
What is the total cost of your travel
to college for 1 year?

In pairs try to calculate the answer- I want to know what information you need and what method you used to get to a result.
About me!! - Emma Chatelier

Office: Room A143
Phone: 01753 793242
Email: emma.chatelier@eastberks.ac.uk
Nelson, B; April 2014, The Northern Echo
- Graphs/ data
2 Written Papes
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