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GenNEXT 2014 NSM

No description

Sulyn Kulick

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of GenNEXT 2014 NSM

What is....
A BUSY 2013!
Consistently interrupting only the analyst on your team

Checking your phone when a specific person on your team is speaking

Always giving recognition to your team, but consistently ignoring the successes of a specific colleague
What are Micromessages?
Subtle, semi-conscious, de-valuing, messages which discourage and impair performance
Subtle messages which convey expectation and appreciation which can spark creativity, raise effectiveness, and increase performance
What is....
Constantly interrupting people

Checking your phone all the time

Always getting people's names wrong
Why is it important to recognize microinequities?
Decreased Morale
Poor Retention
High Turnover

Feeling Devalued
Low Self-esteem
Poor Relationships

Decrease in Sharing Ideas or Taking Risks

Decrease in Productivity

Increase in Discrimination Complaints
3 Ways to Minimize Microinequities
Monitor the ways you send messages to those you respect and replicate those to others
Call behaviors out when observed by others
“If you see something, say something”
Encourage others to call out behaviors in you when they observe it
And if you think Microinequities 1 taught you a lot...
Get Ready for Microinequities 2!
Satisfy your 2014 D&I Leadership Expectations!

Required Courses:
1. Microinequities I or II
2. At least one Diversity University training
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