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It takes a community to co-create a library

Musquodoboit Harbour Branch Halifax Public Libraries Community Led

Kenneth Williment

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of It takes a community to co-create a library

Internal Groups Artist
Teens External Asset Mapped Relationships Organizations Tool... for staff

Imagine the power of involving all staff..
and community What are the top 3-4 issues in the community? What is the libraries role? What potential patnerships should be leveraged? Synergism? Literacy (Reading, Writing and IT)
Parents need support developing skills for use with their children
Keep in mind barries (transportation, labeling etc.) Our very survival as an organization is dependent upon us remaining relevant and vital to the lives of people.
Why? Electronic material will soon form a
significant portion of our circulation
Current services and processes will continue to change repeatedly Future jobs will be less repetitive and will focus more on public service Literacy, Capital Health, Food Bank, Family Resource Centre, Seniors’ Home, Job Bank What matters most is...
hearing others
What is it for the stake of....
What will be different for stakeholders as a result of this project?
-Learning about others work
-Leading to new ideas
-Hearing about impacts on community
-Basis to create
-More information people can create with
-Learning tool for staff
-Voices will be heard at all levels of the organization
Listen Engage Both Staff and Community

Listen and hear
Determine changes together Imagine the power of harnessing all branch staff and local communities. Ideas are internally created by library staff:
Our preception of what the community wants "Come on in!!"
"Where is the collection?"
"Intergeneration program?"
"Collection is really poor - involve us in selecting" Add Staff Skills Information Gap
Newcomers to community are involved and knowledgable
Long time residents are not 'in the loop'
How to bridge that gap?
What is the libraries role - Centre for information in the community?
How to get messages out?
Is literacy an issue?
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