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The automobile/transportation in the 1920s

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Vanessa Placido

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of The automobile/transportation in the 1920s

1920's automobiles and transportation
What did the automobile represent in the 1920's?
What automobiles were popular in the 1920's? Why?
-Model T was ford's cheapest car that mattered.
-"Back then, one model-Ford's Model T-was unchallenged as the most popular vehicle in the planet". -Brooke,Lindsay.
-Model making started in 1908 in September and stopped in May of 1927.
-Volkswagen beetle took over Model T.
Who were the major automobile makers?
- The two main manufactures of Model T were Ford and General Motors.
-Henry Ford was the major maker.
How important was the automobile in the 1920's?
-The Americans everyday life hadn't change or affected until the introduction of the automobiles.
-The growth of the automobile industry caused an economic revolution. Prices rose and dropped.
-After the Civil War2 it almost stopped the automobile industry.
-People started mechanics in order to fixed the automobile's problems, eventually with this they learned a living.
-Gas stations were made along the roads.
-The popularity of the automobiles also changed the landscape.
-In the middle of 1920,railroads were made to fur lough workers and cut wages.
- The Railroad Labor Act in 1926 did relations between railroads and labor began to improve.
-Automobiles also caused expansion, organizations and cities expanded into the countryside.
-New tax on gas raised a lot of money.
-Roads redesigned and rebuilt.
-Heaters,balloon tires and improved suspension were also introduced.
- Insurance companies were created for car insurance.
-Wealth increased to the car companies and insurance.
-By the end of 1920's there was one car for every 5 Americans.
-Henry Ford installed assembly line.
-Cars changed land because some cities weren't made to have cars.
-Automobiles also created air pollution.
-People didn't have to use railroads.
-People didn't have to live at a walking distance to jobs anymore.
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1920's Railroads
English 10 pre-AP
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1920s Research Project
Vanessa Placido, Melissa Placido, Joseph Scheel, and Jose Jimenez.

-In 1920's the United States was the world's largest automobile manufacturer.
-Ford company was the market leader at the start of the decade with their Model T.
-Model T first sold in 1908 for $850.
-Also called "Tin Lizzie". -Williams,Brian.
-More production of Model T made it cheaper in 1924 for only $290.
- Depression of 1921 crashed the automobile industry.
-Walter P chrysler made the chrysler 6 in 1924, popular because it
included a 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, high compression engine,and a tip speed of 70mph.
Automobile Industry (37).
- In the 1920's the motorcar represented independence and adventure.

-Automobiles and other sources
of transportation shows how
modern society change drastically
into what we have today.

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-Due to strong demand created by European emigration to the Americas, worldwide competition between passenger lines, and a new focus on comfort, larger and faster ships were being built increasingly by shipping companies.
- An example of one of these companies is the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), which became one of the largest transportation systems in the world through combining ships and railways operating in Canada.
-The CPR shipping division, the first Pacific operation, began in 1891, due to the rising demand for transportation to bring Europeans to Canada.
-Up until the 1920s, most shipping lines were heavily reliant on immigration for passengers.
- With the decrease in immigration, many ships took on cruising to attract another market; tourists.
-The Great Depression put many shipping lines into bankruptcy.

1920's Ships
-During this period of development, the aviation industry was focused on developing different types of seaplanes and flying boats, due to the fact that many regions around the world lacked airports or even simple runways.
-The airliner industry was one of the most prevalent marketable sections of the airplane business in 1920.
-Airships were the primary mode of transportation through the air for many people, the airlines were working to develop the modern form of travel people enjoy today.
-At the front of this development was the United Kingdom and France, each designing and launching a number of different models of 1920 airplanes.
-Railroads played a large role in the development of the United States in the industrial revolution.
-Throughout the war, there had been inflation and rising employment, but deflation, recession, and decreasing traffic beginning in the middle of 1920 led railroads to furlough workers and cut wages.
-When the shopcraft unions, representing machinists, electricians, and others who worked in the shops, went on strike in the summer of 1922, they had not counted on the anti-labor attitude of President Warren Harding and many railroad executives.
-Some companies hired replacement workers, and there was sporadic violence.
-The Railway Labor Act in 1926 made relations between railroads and labor to improve somewhat.
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