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Electronic Voting

The drawsbacks of electronic voting.

Lynn Tran

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Electronic Voting

The drawbacks of electronic voting As technologies advances, they have a profound impact on the voting process, and many people object to the new technology because they feel it is vulnerable to fraud and machine error.
Technology isn't reliable enough to control our voting simply because no technology is perfect. Introduction Software/machine malfunction.
Cause delays due to long lines at polling place.
Vulnerable to hacker and fraud.
No paper audit trails/hard for re-count.
not reliable or trust worthy.
Since we live in the twenty-first century, technological innovations will continue to present opportunities, electronic voting some days will change the fate of our nation and deeply affect our lives. However, is electronic voting the best system of voting? And there are disadvantages ... Electronic Voting:
is it reliable? Voting methods: Punch cards
Optical scan systems
Mechanical-lever voting machines
Electronic voting machines Electronic Voting System Rules Brazilian

Despite the many downsides of electronic voting, Brazil is an example of a country with a thriving electronic voting system. Oh no! what happens to my vote? We love ..
E-voting? What is Electronic voting?

Electronic voting is a system that allows voter to cast his or her secure and secret ballot electronically.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of electronic voting.

Electronic voting may not prove to be benefit but electronic's future is here to stay.
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